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    Can you play a roll (and how important are they)?

    Have to agree - much cleaner rolls with traditional grip -- but switched to matched grip - easier to reach all parts of the kit (especially for an old guy like me).
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    What's up with Paypal?

    Also linked to bank account. . . .
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    Reverb Taking 5% Now

    I’m not a marketing genius or business savvy guy but if they say they are saying they are “experiencing tremendous growth” doesn’t that mean extra $$$ in their pocket. So besides basic greed or just because they can, why do they “need” more?
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    OT: Is Shooting Pool Considered A "Sport"?

    Good one - I like you chess analogy. . .
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    Favorite NFL team

    Go - Pack - Go
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    Happy Birthday to Mr. Bun E. Carlos!

    Happy Birthday Bun from a fellow June 12th guy
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    Looking to buy my first electronic kit

    There's a little saying particularly in regards to edrums - buy your second kit first. I know, easy for me to spend your money. Take care Robert and happy drumming. . . .
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    i'm getting a haircut monday!

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    New DW Slingerland Photos?

    I also questioned that statement. Maybe someone much more knowledgeable and in the loop than I could enlighten us.
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    Top 5 favourite kits you have owned

    I love this story. That's a true friend. My hats off to you both. . . .
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    Question about traditional grip

    Just a question. I played traditional grip when I started as that was what I was taught in grade school and beyond when all I played was snare drum in band (many many years ago). When I began playing on a kit (one up one down) I found it difficult to reach the toms as I’m a small guy and I had...
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    Another Ringo fan

    . . . .and here’s another take on someone who appreciates Ringo’s drumming.
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    1st song you ever learned

    Absolutely first!
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    Cascio Interstate Music could cease operation in April, 2020

    Yesterday the Wisconsin Governor moved the "Stay Home" date to May 26th - not sure how this will affect Cascio.