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    charlie watts british stamp

    Good for Charlie - much impressed. . .
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    If You Were Going to Buy a New Drum Set, What Would it Be?

    5-piece Gretch USA Custom - Satin Cherry Red (or maybe a Brooklyn series).
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    Marijuana and Drumming ?

    As many others here, I too consumed copious amounts of the weed in the 70’s (haven’t touch the stuff in decades). I have nothing against it or any who partake, just doesn’t work for me. Again, as others mentioned, my biggest problem was paranoia. However, I always attributed that to “it was...
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    still using Facebook?

    I seldom/never communicate with anyone on FB. I only use FB for a couple sites that have abandoned their forum(s) and I hate them. It is so much easier to follow a thread on a forum such as this than that other garbage. Just my 2-cents. . .
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    Warped Sticks?

    I thought VF was noted for their tight QC - weight, alignment, etc.?
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    Roc-N-Soc tractor seat with manual spindal adjust and backrest here - works perfect.
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    OT - Mel Brooks

    Favorite - Young Frankenstein here.
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    Who was responsible for more drum sales. Krupa, Rich, or Ringo?

    Absolutely Ringo – I can vouch as I was one of them. . .
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    Incredible Steely Dan cover

    WOW - fabulous.
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    Let's Guess what Steve Jordan's drums..

    I like his choice - but I'm a Gretsch guy.
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    What Are Your Favorite Drum Introductions?(not the best or most complicated)

    Take the Money and Run - Steve Miller Band
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    OT: Cell phones - iphone vs. Android

    Thank you DSOP I am downloading now. However, reading this, it looks a bit beyond my paygrade but I'll give it a try. Again, my thanks. . .
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    OT: Cell phones - iphone vs. Android

    Hope I’m not hijacking the thread here. If so, simply disregard this post. I’m in a somewhat similar situation. I have an old iPhone 6 (not even 6S) that just doesn’t cut it anymore. I am a diehard PC guy – know nothing about Mac’s. I’m looking at something small to easily fit in my pocket –...
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    Gretsch USA Custom Wrap Cutback Information

    Thanks K.O.
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    Rush tribute: Ohio State Marching does Rush half time show.

    Absolutely Wonderful - and I'm a Wisconsin guy