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    New Buddy Rich Documentary

    Very Cool, Thanks! -EW
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    RIP Dale Griffin

    So Sad ... He was the master of the "half-time" power beats. He would do these amazing behind the beat fills and you would wonder if he was going to make it back by 1, but he always did. Created a great feel. Rest in Peace Buffin!
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    My Supra/Acro Quest

    I am smiling ear to ear for you. Great sleuthing on CL too! Looks look two fine examples that were mean't to be together again. Congrats! -EW
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    Premier snare lug or just the parts that hold threaded insert

    dtk, I am replacing several cracked lugs on a Super Royal Scot, so let me know what size threaded inserts you are looking for. I will send them your way for shipping only. -EW
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    Was Buddy Rich so good because...

    He was a freak of nature. God given talent with no relation to size. Didn't read, didn't practice, didn't read about drumming, just played better than anyone else. Blessed! -EW
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    Premier snare lug or just the parts that hold threaded insert

    I still need these parts: I may have lug parts. -EW
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    It might be time to clean the drum room!!

    You are not alone ..... But at least you used the word "room" singular. "But Honey, I have sold SO many already!" lol -EW
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    A Lot Can Change in 14 years!

    It is hard to imagine now, but in 2001 I ran the auction for this Champagne Sparkle (20,14,12 and snare) Chanute Camco set three times for $900.00 on Ebay without a bid. I finally sold it locally for $700.00. with all original heads, hardware and stands!
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    Rogers Pre-Badge Wood Dyna-Sonic - Current Value?

    Beautiful Drum! I covet it for my 1961 Gold Sparkle set. If you do decide to sell, please let me know. -EW
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    radio king snare

    I see nothing wrong with it. -EW
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    Hello All, I had recently posted that I was looking for a snare to play with a lone Piper and that I would prefer a Premier Royal Scot. One of the leads lead me to a beautiful drum that needed a couple of cracked lugs replaced. I was soon lucky enough to find an ebay auction for some "Parts...
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    WTB: 12 x 14 Scottish Marching Snare Drum

    Burgundy, Thank you so much for the kind offer to help with this. I only wish he would have responded earlier as I now have a couple of other deals in the works. That is a fantastic price and well below the market. When I add in shipping to California, it gets closer to some local deals...
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    Unusual Rogers Part

    I have never seen that configuration either. I have one like the BDP pic. but that side by side is interesting.
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    WTB: 12 x 14 Scottish Marching Snare Drum

    Thanks Burgundy, I would buy that one in a heartbeat just to have, but am afraid it will sell quickly to a local buyer. I have emailed them just in case. Thanks again! -EW
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    WTB: 12 x 14 Scottish Marching Snare Drum

    Thanks Chico, I did talk with Andrew and he is getting me a little more info on his BDP SRS 10-lug he has for sale. It has stress cracks in the lugs, so I asked him to check the shell. If it looks OK, I'm a buyer. Thanks again, -EW