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  • Timing huh?? My life has been as such but please let Rob or myself know if anything changes. At lease it made me get this other kit out of my mind and that's a good thing. God Bless. Rob speaks highly of you so I know you are the real deal too!

    Can we talk tomorrow afternoon?

    I'm digging the idea of owning this set and guess I'll just have to figure out the snare later. You have my number and I'll be home after 1PM Eastern time. In Ohio. Would be nice to hear your thoughts on a snare but I know everyone has their own thoughs on that. You like either of the 2 I found?

    I might kick myself if I got this snare over the 13 that isn't a match but it compliments your kit, you say?? Just cuz I haven't been on for a while I'm still alive and well and I don't mess around when I see a kit I like. Just on a whim I found this and am in the middle of looking for a natch on the snare!
    Dang, on the snare missing as I'm sure looking and this would have done it for me. My luck I guess?? If you come up with a matching snare please get a hold of me.

    937-212-4384 my cell
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