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    Cool. Haven't seen this series. Will give it a listen!
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    Thin 22” Istanbul Agop OM.

    It was up for 350 EUR.
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    Thin 22” Istanbul Agop OM.

    Cool. According to the seller (who BTW is an A&R manager for Ludwig, Agop and QSticks) the cymbal was only used for a 14 day studio project, so guess it was kind of new. Anyway, not often Agop’s signature line of cymbals turn up in odd sizes and weights, and I had my finger ready to purchase...
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    Thin 22” Istanbul Agop OM.

    Most striking is the blue/black patina but that has changed over the years and nowadays they tend to have a lighter colour.
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    Thin 22” Istanbul Agop OM.

    Yep, indeed. Lightest one I’ve heard of is this: Then shave of some 200 grams from that :)
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    Thin 22” Istanbul Agop OM.

    Saw this yesterday, located in Germany. Unfortunately sold... A thin Agop OM 22” at 2067 gram, mislabeled as a 20” crash. Ad says ride but is probably a 22” crash. To my knowledge, there are no 22” OM crashes in production. Would have loved to hear it!
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    Drum Center of Portsmouth - PENDING Experience

    Sorry to hear. Bought a 22" ride from DCP and everything worked out fine. Shipped to Sweden. Could have been better packed but I'll blame the Swedish postal system for the partially damaged (open...) package. Cymbal was fine, though. Yamaha hex works fine with Sakae. Actually preferred using a...
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    Lightest set of 18/14/12 out there?

    I have owned several Sakae Trilogy kits and they are definitely on the lighter side. Heard the same about INDE.
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    Anyone tried the Istanbul Agop Lenny White Epoch hats?

    That's nice. I used to have an 20" Epoch crash. Lightest one I've ever heard of, around 1588 gram. Too dry for my taste. Regret selling it, though. Played here together with a pair of 15" Agop Matt Chamberlain hi hats that I also regret selling:
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    Anyone tried the Istanbul Agop Lenny White Epoch hats?

    Anyone tried the Agop Epoch hi hats? Likes/dislikes? I’m curious :-) Fredrik
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    15” hats for jazz combos. Anyone play them?

    Yes. Mix and match 15" Agop OM, Paiste Masters Dark, Agean Treasure Jazz Paper Thin Crash and Bosphorus Syncopation SW.
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    Holy moly! Funch, jazz cymbals from Denmark.

    Went and tried his stuff in Copenhagen some three years ago (I live just 45 minutes away), when he just started getting more serious. Was not super impressed. Nice modifications, but they all sounded, hmm, like you just shave some hundred grams of an old Avedis and hammer it a bit. But a lot...
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    Anyone bought from this Reverb store?

    Thx. The seller actually offered me a 40 $ discount. Maybe then covered by the increase on other stuff :-)
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    Anyone bought from this Reverb store?

    I know Steve Maxwell had some, some years ago.