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    Should used kits be sold as complete as possible

    If I was to sell my Ludwig Breakbeats I would probably just sell the shell pack, snare tom tom, tom and bass drum with riser. I would keep all the cymbals, all the percussive instruments because these things have transferable skills! Meaning I can apply them to my new kit! Out of Pete's sake I...
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    The lp micro snare drum

    I've bought a few lp instruments, the everything rack and the mini everything rack. I believe it can be mounted on a 1/8th post, this snare drum I mean.
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    Self made drummers or man made?

    Do you guys ever research your favorite musicians theoretic background? I mean a lot of people make jokes about Lars, but he is actually a good drummer. My question is, where does a 18 year old young man join a band and become one of the best metal drummers? Lars Ulrich surely had to have...
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    Punk Drummers Who Are Overqualified for Their Jobs

    I would have to say Dan Whitesides from the used, and the drummer for nofx, he always had talent, had no problem playing fast. I am a Brendan steineckert fan, love his style, good addition to rancid, BUT the used with Dan Whitesides seems to be a beautiful thing. The other day I actually made a...
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    Drummers who play in the style of Travis Barker?

    Geez, what a great post!
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    Drummers who play in the style of Travis Barker?

    Lol I'm accustomed to playing 30 minutes at the local studio central/ artbeat studios. The first time I ventured out to gigging out with a friend, he told me "your gonna have to do more than just that" lol "I want you to put in more work!" This place was a hub for arts and musical entertainment...
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    Drummers who play in the style of Travis Barker?

    Ok so essentially t.b. was named the most influential artist and such, but dude from "the used" uses that frenetic, tireless work ethic and condition and stamina to play in that "whiplash" style. Here is an example: How many of you guys do extra work on the off season to improve your drumming...
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    Your weirdest quirk as a drimmer

    Lol I meant to say drummer
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    Your weirdest quirk as a drimmer

    For me it would have to be not using any of my hihats with my left foot to move it. I keep it in the tight position and don't bother playing it on my 3 kits Reasons: 1) Yamaha e- kit: BECAUSE I need to prop something under the snare drum to keep it up at all times, it gets in the way of my left...
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    Tama slp big black steel!

    They sound deadly for metal from what I've seen. Also heard a comment that anonymously someone posted how everbody in his band loves the kit (swears by it etc.) I was actually quite surprised a kit like this is not on the long and McQuade website, as it is the mecca of toughness when it comes to...
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    Tama slp big black steel!

    Every where I look these are unavailable. Does anybody here have such luck to have purchased one of these? The black steel snare doesn't come with it, but it comes in a 3 piece: bass , tom, and Tom, with Tom stand.
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    Is it worth keeping an instrument you don't play? Debating what to do with my bass guitar.

    Well, I have tons of gear. My mother said just sell them when I need to. Pretty good advice not too premature. I would probably go with Kijiji and meet in an open place I e coffee store or police station. One thing I do regret though is not having a studio, instead instruments in every flippin...
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    Does anybody sport the solars or are they a discontinued brand?

    I've got the cheapest brand of sabians, are they obsolete? They are a brass cymbals, pretty self explanatory, I've got the ride, the hihats, the inverted crash but I had to go with a new brand for my splash. Anyway, does anybody have a rating between 1 to 10 how these sound?
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    Pearl Drums

    I have a set of pearl compact traveler kit with add-ons, I would appraise it to be worth $1000 bucks. It has a nice 18 inch bass frame drum (less than 5 inches thick). I threw some minemads by Evans onto the bass drum for a dampner. It has a relatively cheap bass pedal with a nice soft baseball...
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    I've said this prior, but how so sweet did he tune his drums like this?

    So this is my instructor (was) he is a jazz prodigy. He used to teach me lessons at a record store. He told me about a famous drummer who practices all day but has time for chores, then another drummer who didn't do chores; just washroom, eat, and play drums! Their time on the kits was insane...