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    Amazon deals thread

    Super deal on cymbal Free case too! happy Friday!
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    OT... Anyone live in or near Keene, NH?

    I went there once in the middle of oct for a pumpkin festival. Never again it felt like January it was so cold
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    Question for you LEFTIES

    I always bring a snare stand in case the bass drum Tom mount doesn’t work for me. Also I may remove the small Tom leave the 13 where it is. Also I learned to not give a F... if the sound man is pissed that I have to reverse the snare and floor Tom. “Sorry bud I understand but it’s the way it is”
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    Amazon deals thread

    I agree. I know a lot of guys don’t care about the bell but I love a good bell
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    Amazon deals thread

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    EBAY/CL/STUPID DOTD and other sites DEAL ALERTS for modern drums!

    I have been tempted but I can’t find one video of one sounding good
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    Meinl ear candy

    never saw her before she's good. nice luddies. I like Meinl but they seem like great recording cymbals. in a live setting that ride would be lost
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    FeeBay wants your bank. Reverb no PayPal

    yep if it gos in your bank its income.
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    Amazon deals thread

    looks like Amazon shipped my latin ride with USPS and its lost ordered it prime on Feb 3 what is up with the post office lately.
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    FeeBay wants your bank. Reverb no PayPal

    you must now upload a bank
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    Amazon deals thread

    So how does it sound. ! I’m stalking Usps waiting for my 23 Latin
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    Neil Peart’s final kit

    that was great. still sad over Neil
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    messed up for sure
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    fear of the long term issues from shot . I listen to to many conspiracies I guess.