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    Who plays/played K custom dark rides?

    I've got 16 and 18 KCD crashes, as well as 16 and 18 A fast crashes. Obviously, the K's are darker and lower pitched. That might be just what you're looking for. As CC says, you could even use the 18 as a ride if playing very lightly. The A's give me more of what I think of as a real crash...
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    Who plays/played K custom dark rides?

    I've got a 22" and two 20" KCD rides. They're just about my favorites. They don't really excel in any one area, but more importantly, they're never offensive or obnoxious in any way. And that's high praise for them from me.
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    Taxes for selling your gear

    If you sell something for less than what you paid for it, wouldn't it be considered a loss?
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    School me on Lathing

    The 'heavily lathed' cymbal thread got me thinking. Maybe I should post there, but I know things tend to get buried. Anyways - it's my understanding that lathing produces wash. Hammering breaks up the wash and can result in a trashy sound. And unlathed cymbals have mostly ping with very...
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    Hi Hat Cymbal Sizes...What's your preferred hi hats size ?

    14's first, 13's next. Anything larger or smaller can be fun to try, but I won't buy them. Well - there's always an exception, right? I tried a new pair of 12" New Beats, and was a bit shocked that they actually had a sound similar to the 14 NB's that I know and love. Just a bit higher...
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    Kit facing a wall or open room?

    I've got back to back kits - one facing a wall and the other facing into the room. I can play either kit by rotating the throne. I get many more reflections from the set facing the wall - especially the bass drum and the left side ride and hats. Slightly unnatural or enhanced sounding because...
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    Where does drum gear rank in your possessions list by value ?

    That was my first thought too, but he specified " marketable possessions ", and I'm thinking most people probably don't put their family and pets up for sale. :p I have tons of gear, including drums, but it all pales in comparison to what I have stuck into my house and vehicles over the years.
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    OT: New Cat Day

    Looks like a blast to drive. Better do it now, before everything goes electric and gasoline is history. The other cat in Dan's post has a 'don't mess with me' attitude, but I bet we could be buds.
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    Help with New Kit

    Ludwig Neusonic has a set with a 20" bass drum. Add-on drums are available too.
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    Saw that this morning. I guess they do have a sense of humor. :p
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    DW to buy Guitar Center

    And they're only going to be making guitars. No more drums.
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    Yamaha tour customs vs Pearl studio select

    Session is mahagony/birch, and Tours are maple. Session has a virgin bass drum and pipe style mounts. Tours have a bass drum tom mount and yess style mounts. Lots of other differences as well. I have a set of the newer style Tours and am happy with them.
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    Thoughts on 24" Ride Cymbals

    I've had a Zildjian 24, a Giant Beat 24, and a couple of Sabian APX 24's. I'm a Zildjian guy, but I liked that one the least. It was a big old heavy dog that you had to really whack to get anything out of. The Giant Beat was my favorite. Nice sound and responsive at any volume. The APX were...
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    Working Past Gear Acquisition Syndrome

    I've had all the acoustic drum gear I need for many years, and I still get the occasional itch for something different once in a while.
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    Everyone’s Favorite Whipping Boy -Guitar Center

    I asked for a discount on a kit because it was displayed on the floor for people to play. Got a response like 'everything we have is out on the floor, so we'd have to discount everytihng - can't do it'. I prefer new, in the box. I'd buy a demo/display, but would expect at least some kind of...