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    Sources for Okay-enough cheap wrap?

    Try Walopus out of Canada.
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    O.T.: DFO advertisements

    I don't get any ads. I use my Samsung Galaxy phone primarily and have Adblocker plus. Works great!
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    Favorite Concert film/video?

    Bill Bruford "Rock Goes to College", with Alan Holdsworth, Jeff Berlin ,Dave Stewart, and Annette Peacock.
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    Pearl SO 25 replacement snare wires

    Does anyone know of a replacement for Pearl's SO25 snare wires? The ones that fit the Free Floating system. These seem to be getting harder to find and I couldn't find anything on the Pearl website. As always, thanks for your help.
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    Software for Drum Notations

    Thank you both!
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    Software for Drum Notations

    I was going through one of my method books, specifically "Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer" by Jim Chapin ( Latest edition). I noticed the type looks like the original and somewhat blurred. Is there a relatively inexpensive notation/transcription program to allow one to recopy a page...
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    Going to DaVille for the Snare Drum Build

    I really like the Indie strainer and butt plate. RCW is another good strainer option. I would recommend both Drum Factory and Drum Gear online. I've never used AM Drum parts. Good luck with your project!
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    OT: let's see your high mileage vehicles

    Nice! If only Nissan would bring back the original 510 complete with roundtop SU carburetors!
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    OT: let's see your high mileage vehicles

    I had a 72 "Nickel Dime", a 76 280Z, and a 92 Nissan Sentra SE-R - Pictured,(considered The Son of the original 510). I was driving the Sentra home from work after it had been raining on Hwy 101 in Northern CA. I was a bit....enthusiastic.....driving home north bound and was close to my exit...
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    OT: social media troubles

    Well said! If I wouldn't say something to you face to face, I'm not going to hide behind the anonymity of the internet. Life's too short. Cheers!
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    Fibes snare project finally completed.

    Have a Fibes fiberglass shell (6 * 14) with original lugs that I've had in storage. Finally put it together this last week. Chrome wrap from Walopus, Indie strainer and butt plate, Tama snare wires, Remo snare head, and generic Fiberskyn batter head. At some point I want to send it to Pro Drum...
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    Drum companies that don't make their own shells

    Is Jenkins-Martin 100% in house?
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    HIGGINS . . .

    Sorry I just saw the photo of Higgins and the "Lads"!
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    HIGGINS . . .

    Cute beast! The name Higgins reminds me of the character from the "Magnum" tv series. What's the breed? Give him a good home. Cheers!
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    DW dealer recommendation

    It's in Fresno and a fun store.