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    I want to get my Tama Camco pedal in tiptop shape. Can you help?

    Canopus speed bearing installed on mine. It’s great!
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    Rotator cuff surgery and pain length

    my surgery is June 1st.
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    King Krupa on his Throne! Looks like before he became ill with leukemia.

    I LOVE Krupa in a small band. One of the all time faves for me.
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    Snare drum wish list.

    I feel pretty well set with this trio.
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    OT: How fat have you gotten since quarantine started?

    -35 so far. Trying to drop another 15. Down 103 from my highest weight. One day at a time!
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    Chick Corea and Flat Rides

    It’s a lovely 20”
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    Gretsch Bass Drum Hoop Claws

    Canopus Bolt tight are magic on Gretsch drums
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    Praise for the humble K custom dark

    Not exotic. Just really really good. For me the right middle point between As and Ks. Andrew Cyrille was my entry point to the K custom darks. Also have the flat on the second clip.
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    Canopus "Bolt Tight Leather Washers"?

    The best. On all my drums for years. Proceed.
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    Chick Corea and Flat Rides

    Paiste video
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    Chick Corea and Flat Rides

    The original honey.
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    Paiste 602

    The original
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    Chick Corea and Flat Rides

    20” K custom dark. Played one for years and finally found one in the same weight I used to have. Lovely.