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    When (and why) did the 8 inch tom fall out of favor??

    I have 8s on 2 of my 3 kits. I’ve always played 8/10/12/14/16 and like the sound spacing, gives me plenty of options sonically F
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    Source for cymbal bag dividers?

    PM replied to.
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    Source for cymbal bag dividers?

    Ive got a bunch of padded ones that I removed from 2 Pie Safes. PM me and we can work something out F
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    Sabian AAX X-Plosion Crash 15"

    Updated - price now 100 shipped CONUS
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    Paiste and Zildjian Cymbals For Sale

    need to post prices - part of the deal with classifieds.
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    Sabian AAX X-Plosion Crash 15"

    Looking to dish this last piece of Sabian kit I have. Lots of fingerprints on this great pie, but no fleabites, dings, cracks, keyholing, etc. Its been living in my cymbal ATA case for a couple years, just happened to see it today - dont need it. Sell for 100 shipped Lemme know if youre...
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    WTB - Paiste 2002 hi-hat - top 15"

    Found a couple of cracks in my top hi hat...would like to not go fishing on Ebay, wondering if anyone has an orphan top 15" 2002 laying around they want to get rid of. If you do, hit me up and lets talk F
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    Are You Earning as Much Per Gig as You Were "Then"?

    anywhere from 150 per person to 1K+ per person, depends on venue. On the low end, Im making about the same as I did in the 80s. On the high end, obviously, things are much better than they were - and usually much nicer (non bar) venues with food/drinks/green rooms/security, etc. F
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    FS: S-Hoops!

    2 of the 14" 10 holers are gone...updated quantities now posted.
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    FS: S-Hoops!

    PM replied to. thanks!
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    FS: S-Hoops!

    Was digging around my parts bin when I came across a large stash of lightly used S-Hoops and triple flanged hoops. Here's what I have if youre interested: (1) 8" 5 hole (1) 10" 6 hole (1) 12" 6 hole (1) 13" 8 hole (2) 14" 10 hole (1) 14" 10 hole - snare side (1) 16" 10 hole Triple Flange...
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    Cymbal Shipping Hack

    I too use pipe and readily available. I also put 4 pieces folded into triangles into the box corners to cushion even more. F
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    Back when Sonor did it all in house

    Sonor is all I play - have loved that Sonor sound since I heard it 40 years ago. Wont ever leave em. F
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    Gigging on a full stomach: Eat BEFORE or AFTER you play a show?

    I eat 5 hours before my show - same as I did when I refereed in the AHL - gives time to digest and settle. No cramps - energy is readily available and I can play a 4 hour show without any cravings. Post show is 2 beers to get adrenaline down. F
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    Looking For Good Deals On Heads!

    DFD is my go-to store for just about everything drum related. I have 3 full kits of 8/10/12/14/16/22 and there is no such thing as a "deal" for buying all at once. I have 36 drumheads on at any one time, plus all my snares...Ive paid retail for all of them. Unless youre an endorser, you wont...