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    Walopus Drum Wrap Mardi Gras and Rogers Grey Ripple Finishes

    The MG looks awful. I ordered some and it's not even remotely close. It looks like a cartoon - flat, bad color, even the black looks bad.
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    Mo' TTO - Who's Gonna Mow your Grass / Golden Brown

    Blaemire 18/12/14 with 6.5x14 George Way Aero plus the usual ukuleles and keyboards.
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    TinkeyTone Orchestra - Share your love wth me

    As always, thanks for listening, folks!
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    Halloween TTO, covering Funkadelic's "I'll Bet You"

    Sonor Acryls again, 24/13/14/16/18, George Way Aero.
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    TinkeyTone Orchestra - Share your love wth me

    Drums are Sonor Acryl, George Way Aero snare.
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    Sonor Phonics?

    Not Phonic, these are the lower-line from the early/mid 70s, variously called Swinger, Action etc. Still quality beech shells but with less finishing work, cheaper hardware and plastic lugs.
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    "C.I.A. Man" the fugs

    Whenever I hear someone going on about the birth of punk rock, I usually think of The Fugs. The 2nd record is really quite good by now.
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    New TTO, The Back Seat of My Car

    New TTO, covering Macca from 1971. That Blaemire CT thing...
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    WTB: Quality 7-piece drum set!

    I have a set I'd let go for $1400, a Yamaha Beech Custom in Blueberry 8x8/9x10/10x12/12x14/14x16/16x22 w/ 5.5x14 matching snare.
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    Favorite drum hardware.

    A quip from someone (?) here on DFO says it best for me - Yamaha hardware is so good it's like a gateway drug to Yamaha drums.
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    TinkeyTone Orchestra - Sweeter Memories (rundgren cover)

    Blaemire concert toms!
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    Another TTO, Baby Plays Around

    TTO covers Elvis C from 1989. Blaemire 18/12/14 with 5x14 SlingerYo "maple" snare, Dream cymbals, Fanner Expsphere, GoldTone ME-Bass, Yamaha Clavinova, Deagan Electravibe.
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    Late august TTO, a Guess Who 2-fer

    Here's a new diptych 2-fer covering the Guess Who from 1970. Drums are Ludwig stainless steel, other instruments are bass, ukuleles, organ and vibraphone (and that's it - no guitars.)
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    Help identifying a snare drum

    I think it'sa bitsa, made from an off-cut from a 14" power tom, looks like a re-wrapped Sonor Force 2000 with later Sonor single-point lugs.
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    Shallow bass drum club

    50s WFL 10x28, Ludwig smooth white heavy front and back with a little muffling on the batter head. The linked songs used this setup, snare is 40s WFL 12x16.