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    Acrylic sound cage works!

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    Ludwig Drum Co. - kudos

    My recent new Ludwig set is kind of a novelty and I really didn't expect it to be as good as it is. I got one of those limited purple sparkle Vistalite 24/13/16 sets. Yes, the 9x13 badge is a little crooked but I was fairly shocked at the overall quality. I also had to swap out shorter...
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    7/11 New TTO - Charlie / Wail

    Covering Split Enz from '77 and '81 respectively, Sonor Acryl 24/13/14/16/18, 12x16 WFL snare, keys, ukes, bass etc.
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    Happy Canada Day

    I :love4: Canada!
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    New Gretsch Renown RN2 4-piece Shell Pack offering with a 14x22 bass drum

    Anybody else seeing all red and no orange in that burnt orange sparkle? Monitor discrepancies and all that...
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    Would a twisted badge on a brand new tom bother you?

    The badges have an adhesive backing. If they didn't, the auditor could have tweaked the alignment. I also got a new Ludwig set last year and it too has a crooked badge on one of the toms and yes, it bugs me. My reasoning for not sending it back is a bit defeatist - the set is otherwise...
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    7/1 TTO - Sometimes in Winter

    Jenkins-Martin 20/12/14 w/5x15 Supralite, keys, ukes, bass.
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    Looking for 8 Lug 6.5x14 Aluminum Snare Drum

    I have George Way Aero for sale, please PM me if you're interested.
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    6/15 TTO - Easy Evil

    Blaemire drums, Ludwig LM306. Keys,uke,bass etc.
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    6/4 TTO - Torch Song (Rundgren cover)

    Thanks for listening, studrum. The 6/4 in the topic heading just refers to the posting date, the tune is played in 4. The piano/vocals only original is a lot denser than this, I just sort of gave the "band" treatment.
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    6/4 TTO - Torch Song (Rundgren cover)

    WFL drums, keys, uke and bass.
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    5/22 TTO - Wishing You Were Here

    Blaemire monster set w/ Ludwig LM306, ukes, keys, bass etc.
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    What drum hardware have you been surprised by?

    Inde hardware has been knocking me out lately. The sprung tom brackets work as well as the best isolation mounts. I love the new single Tom mount too.
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    Pet peeve "The audience can't tell the difference"

    Tweaking a piece of music can be like tweaking a racecar. Bunches of tiny, often unnoticeable things accumulate to make a major improvement.