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    Rant About Marketplace

    Rich....I had a guy drive from Detroit to me..around 6 hours round see a Red Sparkle Ludwig set..maybe 20 years ago....once he got here..he said he would buy them..if they were Blue Sparkle.....and then turned around...dove the 3 hours back to Detroit!
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    Yamaha Elvin Jones

    My picture on the poster was taken at the Black Sea Jazz yours?
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    Looking for a truly crashable ride

    Perfect the way you tune your drums.....
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    SOLD Collection of drum history and related books

    Good price..I had a guy buy $250 worth in 1 shot a couple years ago....
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    Vintage Kent Snare

    I sold Steve Jordan a 8 lug Kent snare....along with a 18,12,14 Ludwig set.....after a J.Mayer gig here once....
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    Yamaha Elvin Jones

    I have a large Yamaha poster that Elvin signed for me in Detroit.....Shows him playing them...He signed it Elvin R.Jones!..Need to get that in a fancy frame !
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    Cant have them all.

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    Wanted: Paiste 2002s from the 1970s

    I know someone with a complete (copy) set up of Bonzo cymbals ...all blk logo!He may want to sell...
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    History of Paiste on Drum History podcast

    Very cool..thanks...
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    Catalogs and drum literature.

    Hi..did you PM me?
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    Any Mick Fleetwood fans out there?

    Was a Paiste player for many years though..before!
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    Any Mick Fleetwood fans out there?

    C H has a new CD out also....
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    Any Mick Fleetwood fans out there?

    He was in the band for less then a year...bought a 6 million dollar mansion in L A not that long ago........I’ll bet just that one tour paid for it!