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    22" K Con model characteristics?

    There is a huge variation in each model, so every question here is impossible to answer besides the profile question. High and low refers to the profile shape.
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    Zildjian K Custom Hybrids or K Sweet Hi Hats

    Completely depends on if it’s a mediocre, good, or special pair of either. The specific pair is much more important to me than the model.
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    Aaaaw man! I'm feelin' GAS-y again...

    The new ones don’t chop sticks the same as the old ones. They are thicker. The old ones were thinner and sharper at the edge.
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    Is the ride cymbal dying in modern rock music?

    All you have to do to know this isn’t true is pay attention. Sure there’s a lot of amateurs who cover up sloppiness with a lot of noise. This is not the case in any professional band that I’ve ever heard. It’s a style. It’s a sound. It is what it is. But sloppy it is not, at least in any...
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    Istanbul Agop Ringing - Warranty Question

    It could be seen as a lack of quality control, but I think it’s more just the nature of the collision of art and industry. And as demonstrated here in this thread there’s a lot of people that would have been happy with your cymbal. It’s more a matter of taste than quality control.
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    Istanbul Agop Ringing - Warranty Question

    You’re not crazy, this exactly the nature of any handmade cymbal. And really any cymbal honestly. Musical instruments in general are not consistent, it is the nature of anything used to create art. You’re operating in the world of subtlety and there’s factors that can’t be controlled by...
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    Istanbul Agop Ringing - Warranty Question

    It’s true, I have noticed this with shops that I’ve had and moved away from them as a result. But it can work, just wasn’t to my taste as it seems it wasn’t to yours either.
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    Istanbul Agop Ringing - Warranty Question

    Yeah man to me this sounds like a great cymbal, it does not pop out to me like it does to you. I have experienced this a lot with cymbals, sometimes they sound great, other times I tune in to a specific overtone and it annoy the heck out of me, but others don’t notice.
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    Finally, Istanbul Agop released the... Traditional Jazz Series!

    You people have no idea how to have fun XD
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    Ludwig Weather Master snare side on a 6.5 Black Beauty

    A lot of people actually prefer the ludwig snare side head on all their drums
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    Poll: New Speed King vs Sonor Perfect Balance!

    Supposedly it can collapse during play. I haven’t had an issue but haven’t gigged it
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    New Recording Customs - 20" or 22" bass drum?

    This represents the sound of the 20 well. It would sound even bigger and more resonant with an offset port.
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    New Recording Customs - 20" or 22" bass drum?

    I had the 20 and with the riser and the 16” depth, it sounds a lot like a 22. I truly loved that drum and it was different from my other 20s. I think it would be different enough in sound and feel from your gretsch USA and occupy the space in your arsenal that you’re looking for in the 22. The...
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    I know I’m not supposed to like this but I do

    I used to play at a jazz jam session where the setup was a 20” old k and a pair of b8 hats lol