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    Sonor D-506

    Original is always prefered, but that drum will still sound great with other options and wires are a personal preference These would be the original factory Hellas
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    Kenny Clarke

    Note the author of the article. Here is the first bit from 1984 and the words are WAY more true today 30 years after it was published. "It’s sad in a way, yet the fact remains that most drummers under the age of 25 probably aren’t all that familiar with the name Kenny Clarke. The truth of the...
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    **ALL GONE** Tidying up, Odd & Ends

    nice bits, but I thought selling online was a big PITA on one of your other posts? Good to let stuff go, I should follow your example
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    Nicko Mc Brain leaves Sonor for British Drum Co.

    Joe Cocker is dead again
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    Sonor Tearsdrop or Phonic Tom Mounts

    No your right. The first gem black badge Phonics have the boat mount like Teardrops. The post I have is for the later silver badge and is too big. I should have read your post more closely. Hey congrats on the new Drops
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    Sonor Tearsdrop or Phonic Tom Mounts

    I have a Phonic to sell but the down pipe is thicker to fit the square phonic bass drum mount and not the teardrop style boat mount Is this what your after or do you need the Teardrop / Champion mount?
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    RIP Joe Cocker

    It's not the morbid part that's sad, it's just lack of facts and fact checking these days People are just so lazy and don't bother to read whole posts, just pass on bad info, ask the same questions over and over in the same post, can't use search That's the sad part, this is just another example
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    Bands With More Than One Drummer

    Legends both Rodger and Jim Traffic mid 70s
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    Mounted a cymbal stand off my bass this morning.

    This has always been one of my favorite takes on the idea
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    Ginormous ride on video

    I hear yeah. Western swing was always described as when drums and bluegrass meet.
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    Ginormous ride on video

    Drums and bluegrass, yes sir
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    Bands With More Than One Drummer

    the few times I have had the chance, Billy all day
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    BREAK OUT THE PICS... Lets see your SOLID 1 ply Snare Drums!

    Magnus very nice, take good care of those wires. I had 2 staggered lug 471s in the past both single ply
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    SOLD Vintage Sonor Teardrop 3pc Drum set in Blue Satin - $599!

    Those are emerald H, not blue Pics of the inside?
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    Diggin' on Little Feat

    Waiting for Columbus