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    Anyone know where I could get or what era spurrs and tension rods these use?

    Better pics would be helpful - particularly the badge. I'm unsure whether those are script logo Ludwig or perhaps WFL (both used keystone badges). Knowing which would help narrow down the date. That said, the reinforcement rings are really wide; like a <1955 Radio King, so my WAG is...
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    Sarah Thawer

    Not sure what you mean by "this style of drumming is not cool with young people", for she uses a lot of the phrasing that one hears on contemporary hip-hop/jazz fusion stuff (the band's performance is very "music school", if you catch my drift). I wouldn't at first have recognized this as "A...
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    Advice on value for Vintage Ludwig kit plus cymbals

    A couple of things on the bass drum jump out at me that concerning the originality and condition of your kit. The claws are not Ludwig but rather aftermarket (the same is true for the key rods on the batter side), but the thing that gets most of my attention is the line across the wrap on the...
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    Help Identifying Vintage Mystery Kit

    You have what appears to be a mix of old Slingerland and Ludwig school orchestra and/or marching drums, perhaps made sometime between the mid-1930's to maybe the mid-1960's. It looks like they were stripped and refinished with what appears to be polyurethane. The snare drum doesn't appear to...
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    very odd new SCAM website... TESENI... brass Ludwig snares for $89!!

    When I did a Google Image search of the photo of the BB they list, what looks like a legit listing comes up, but the web listing is 404.
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    Guitar Center layoffs

    Here’s my .02 on the comments thus far: Re: MAP. Introduced by instrument manufacturers to “level the playing field” between small independent shops and behemoths like GC and SA, MAP is “legal” insofar as it pertains to “rights granted to a licensee under license” (which is what authorized...
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    Rock and Rock and Roll are dead.

    Methinks the “death or rock and roll” has more to do with the current state of the recording industry than with changes in the tastes of the listening public (though taste preferences do play an important part in this discussion). One could make a strong argument that once its sustaining...
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    Is this snare decent?

    At $150 it's a steal. And speaking of "steel", the snare is likely one of the steel shell models. I believe the brass versions had three lines.
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    Acrylic Fibes Black Beauty refurb

    Once had one of these. Nice drums but the throw arm is prone to cracking.
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    1985 Yamaha Value

    Was just about to say the same thing. These are likely from the early eighties. I think the Recording Customs (which were derived from these) came out in 82/83 or thereabouts.
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    Snare drum wall mounted shelf build

    I think the design is great. Is this something that can stand without glue (i.e., capable of being disassembled)?
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    Help requested - Reverb sale

    There are a number of freight forwarders who will bid on eBay on behalf of a buyer in a foreign country. What they usually do is buy container space on a ship (and ship once the space is full). The buyer sometimes has to wait a month or so to receive the item, but they are able to take...
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    Gretsch Micro Kit : Thoughts ?

    While I can well understand the strategy (e.g., "How do we get someone who already owns a drum kit to buy another drum kit? Make it smaller!"), before anyone buys a "micro" or a "bop" kit simply because they want to "save space", consider that the average one-up, one-down four-piece with two...
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    Sonor SQ2 "Mini"

    No less dumb perhaps than model cars or airplanes, with the main difference being the fact that one usually does not attempt to drive or fly one.
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    Ludwig Thermogloss Jazzette Project

    Here's one for sale: