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    Any Washboard players here ?

    I've been playing drum-set in a Zydeco band for about a dozen years. The rub-board, or frottoir, is a crucial element, but we had sporadic players in the early days -- including my wife for a spell. On tunes that had really simple drum parts, I would attempt to play the frottoir with my left...
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    Great Snare with a Fatal Flaw

    I guess the flaw wasn't fatal after all; replace the throw-off and the patient survived! Let's call it a grievous wound.
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    RINGO and....Ray Wylie Hubbard??

    I didn't mean to be snarky. I honestly thought both you and Nacci were joking. As if a guitar player, tongue-in-check, said "you know, that Hendrix guy sure played that tune a lot like Stevie Ray Vaughn would have." Ha, ha. I was twice asked to explain why I thought it was funny (which i...
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    RINGO and....Ray Wylie Hubbard??

    Keltner is widely regarded as being heavily influenced by Ringo, not the other way around. On an early solo album, Lennon himself reportedly asked Keltner to "play it like Ringo." Ringo sounds like Ringo. Keltner sounds like Ringo too. So, saying Ringo sounded like Keltner is like saying...
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    RINGO and....Ray Wylie Hubbard??

    "Kelter-ish" is hilarious! Just like Little Richard was very "McCartney-ish!"
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    Favorite Zappa Album

    Yes, I was at all those shows. Public Hall twice, The Richfield Coliseum (awful place for FZ), Blossom, The Front Row (fantastic show!), and his final performance in greater Cleveland at the Music Hall (behind Public Hall).
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    I finally understand Ringo!

    The hat/ride pattern is slightly swung 16th notes. Not 8ths, not triplets. I can play the notes -- many can as most of the awful "drum-cover" links demonstrate -- but few can cop that groove. Ringo (and Charlie, for that matter) are/were masters of the magical space between full on triplet-swing...
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    Favorite Zappa Album

    The Best Band You Never Heard in Your Life. Live album of the last touring band. Bits of it were from his last Cleveland show, which I attended. I saw FZ six times, from '76 on. His live shows just kept getting better and better. Wackerman was FZ's studio and live drummer for the last 11 years...
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    This wins the internet today

    Wow! He does do a good Brian Johnson. Did he play all the instruments as well? The lyrics are only marginally sillier than any other AC/DC song. Like those "insprire-bot" motivational posters. I could have been convinced that was actually AC/DC.
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    This wins the internet today

    Am I missing something? It just sounded like an AC/DC song to me. What did the 'bot write? The lyrics? The music? Both? Was that recording -- singing included -- digitally generated?
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    "Holds It's Tuning Well"

    Two things: First, for modern drums, you're right, it's not an issue. Marketing departments will latch on to anything that has traction. "Hold its tuning well" sells more drums? We'll all start saying that all the time! One manufacturer does it, the rest follow suit. (Same thing for "two-plies...
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    Did Nacci write a comic book??

    For the "Paul is Dead" silliness to be true, an insanely and uniquely talented person, the most documented human in history -- literally -- and one of the two most famous people alive at the time (the other being John), would have to have been replaced by an impossibly exact...
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    8 or 10 lugs on a bass drum?

    Fewer lugs makes for better lower tuning. More lugs makes for better higher tuning. Same goes for snare drums (think 12-lug marching drums). Back in the late 80's when I was selling Yamaha Recording custom drums like they were Mustangs, their 20" drums were inexplicably 10-lug. They tuned up...
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    Do you like to bike and drum......well here ya go....

    I've had dreams of riding my drum-set.
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    O/T, A ghost in the machine? I woke up to random members being on my "Ignore" list!

    I didn't even know there was an "ignore" feature.