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    Ringo sitting in with Paul last night

    I remain incredulous that there are so-called "musicians" who need VIDEO PROOF to believe that someone with such a distinctive style as Ringo actually recorded all those classic Beatles tracks that are brimming over with Ringo-isms. You can't HEAR that???? Really? There is no way any other...
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    Ordering a custom kit. Should my 22" Bass Drum have 8 or 10 lugs?

    If it's any help, Yamaha used to put 10 lugs on their 20" Recording Custom drums -- don't know if that's still the case (I worked retail back in the late 80's when RC drums became really hot). It was nearly impossible to get a decent thump out of those drums. Fewer lugs means lower tuning range...
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    Great Drumming By Ansley On The Last Song

    Wow, interesting arrangement of Who are the Brain Police from Freak Out (1966). Thanks!
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    OT: Am I crazy - ride an 883 Sportster across the country?

    I did it on a bicycle last summer -- Astoria, OR to Rehobeth Beach, DE. But with a motor... Hey, that would be way easier!
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    SOLD! Ludwig Sixties Keystone Acrolite L404 great shape!

    Full disclosure: I don't own this drum. I'm just helping out my niece and her boyfriend. Everything works and it's about an 8 out of 10. I've seen the drum. I've advised them that the drum is worth about $200. They are negotiable on price/shipping depending on where you are...
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    Not OT: Anita O'Day

    Love the hat. She did a great interview on Fresh Air a few years back.
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    Floor Tom Legs with Memory Locks???

    Great idea, but I sit high, and it's a shallow drum. Even cut off, the legs extend beyond the height of the drum. Plus I shed the weight of the top part of the legs, and flush-with-the-mount scheme is kind of like an automatic memory-lock.
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    Floor Tom Legs with Memory Locks???

    I figured I'm never going to have to raise my FT any higher, so I cut the legs off just at the top of the clamp. I run my FT flat, so it doesn't matter which leg is where. No memory lock needed. I'm a weight fanatic, so I resented even the slight bit of extra weight of a memory lock. The legs...
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    Queen Movie's $1 Billion in Ticket Sales Leads to Film About a Drummer

    Whoops. I was mistaken. I'll fix it. Thanks.
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    16th notes on the hat (single handed)

    Technically, the Billy Swan tune is eight-note triplets, but it's still damn fast.
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    Queen Movie's $1 Billion in Ticket Sales Leads to Film About a Drummer

    Besides the opinions of movie-goers and movie critics, what other metric is there to measure the worthiness of a film? The only thing left is personal opinion. I saw both Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocket Man and enjoyed them both -- quite a bit. There were a lot of similarities, and a lot of...
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    The 10 Hardest Songs to Play on Drums

    Dear Mr. Keltner, Please play more like Sir Richard Starkey. All the Best, Your Loyal Fan This thread (and the other "list" threads) had me literally laughing out loud. Keep it up, VB!
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    Has the Drum Set Evolved to Include Too Many Toms?

    I blame Hal Blaine. Two toms was good enough for Ringo! And Charlie Watts! And get off my lawn!! I cut back to NO toms with my Zydeco band, and ran that way for a couple of years. It's eye-opening. One learns what's really important. I usually gig with one 15" Floor tom these days. Besides...
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    The 10 Biggest Jerk Drummers of All Time!

    I had a lot of famous drummers ride with me between cities when I worked for Pearl and Zildjian. The only one on that list I've met is Terry Bozzio, and he was super cool. I'll make a list of drummers I have met, that are/were great guys (in no order): Chad Smith Mike Mangini Virgil Donati...
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    Strollin with Bone - Super fast shuffle (for me)

    Oh man, I love Louie Prima -- and the dead-pan Keely Smith! I wasn't aware that Bobby Morris had a book out.