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    The Official Slingerland Drum Thread

    I love my 80N: 0-1 by Stephen Duffy, on Flickr 0-9 by Stephen Duffy, on Flickr and my Spitfires: 0-2 by Stephen Duffy, on Flickr 0-2 by Stephen Duffy, on Flickr
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    Funny video: "Ten types of jazz drummers."

    Enjoy! I liked the "Diarrhea of the hands" , LOL!
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    Why vintage hardware?

    Thin Shell, I loved the Jessie Pinkman reference!
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    Why vintage hardware?

    Most collectors are completists. I for one like the Time Capsule Look of my 1979 slingerland Buddy Rich outfit. I have all tubular stands and pedals for it, down to the Zildjian cymbal snaps! Let me turn on the Way Back Machine: 0-8 by Stephen Duffy, on Flickr But I wont gig it. My Black...
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    Vintage Slingerland Bass drum: Seems a little strange to me.

    Those old Slingerland hoops were really strong, considering all the work they had to do - holding the toms, the spurs, the cymbals - not to mention holding the head tension! Amazing that they didn't split!
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    Buddy Rich 1941!!

    Way back before ride cymbals were invented ...
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    Cool 1970's Slingerland Cordova-cover color sampler on Reverb!

    Just saw this. I had no idea one could order seven different colors, including a "spring-green". Try finding an 18" floor tom to match that kit! How very 1970's of you, Slingerland ... :rr:
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    What were the "nicest" 60's MIJ drums?

    Quote: This one made MIJ drums Great again! Attachments Trump snare drum.jpg 55.3 KBViews: 8 "Dream as if you'll live forever......Live as if today is your last" Like Reply I hear the Trump snare was made with 5-ply Marla Maples ...
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    Dream kit as a kid

    I always wanted and recently bought the rosewood 1 up, two down "Jazz Fusion Kit" ("680T", formerly known as the 80N) on the cover of the 1979 Slingerland catalog, pictures of which I have shared here many times. It was well worth the wait! Curiously, the real kit was much lighter than the one...
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    Vintage kits with two toms identical in size

    Didn't Lars Ulrich used two 18" floor toms at one time?
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    Great interview with Fanny drummer Alice de Buhr!

    "Fanny" is the greatest, classic 1970s band that I never heard of, but thanks to Youtube, I am now really enjoying their music. They were the first all-female rock band to sign LP deal with a major record label. Man, they are fantastic musicians, all four of them. And Alice was a great drummer...
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    Vintage kits with two toms identical in size

    My twin 5-ply Slingy floor toms have a wide tuning range. They can sound as different from each other, as my 16 and 18 Rogers Fullertons do. (Although, one sounds a tad better tuned low than the other does, with identical new heads.) 0 by Stephen Duffy, on Flickr 0-1 by Stephen Duffy, on...
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    How To Pack A Cymbal For Shipping

    I once received a new, Zildjian A 17" thin crash from Music123. It arrived with no packing at all, sharing a box with a cymbal stand, and it came squashed and inverted. Reminded me of a poem someone posted here years ago: "I used to hate china's. but today I'm converted. I stepped on my...
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    So close . . .

    But those holes look awful ... :pukeright:
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    What big name players are currently using a vintage kit?

    Post Modern Jukebox - sometimes uses vintage Rogers ... Looks like Slingerlands: