In my 50's as of this update, I've been playing since age 12 if you count my first year in school band. My first rock band was at the young age of 13. We were popular in our town and really did do a few paying gigs at that young age, though not frequently. I was in rock bands up until I started college in '82 and decided to focus 100% of my energy on that. Fast forward to graduation and working - No time for drums for almost 20 years. I picked 'em back up in my late 30's when a friend from school wanted to start a hard rock band and he gave me a call. We had a great time for a couple of year and played quite a bit until the band went different directions and parted friends. Since then I've been a basement player with some off and on again playing in a blues band with my wife on keys, gigging a weekend or so a month on average, except for the past year. Now I have too much of a non drum life to make drums my number one priority, but I'm still playing when I can.
Jul 9, 1964 (Age: 57)
Western North Carolina