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    New heads, what’s your process?

    Seriously - I don't know what it is about that shell smell, but it's something I have to do every time I remove a head. Whether it's new or vintage, it's wonderful.
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    Drummers that are NOT gear-centric?

    I guess I fall somewhere in the middle of all of that. Gear: I like to own gear I enjoy looking at and playing, but it doesn't have to be expensive or new - and if it's a little quirky then that's okay too. Currently I'm down from seven sets to just three sets and a handful of snare drums...
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    I only have one good snare drum but I have no snare GAS anymore

    Ha - I've actually gone back and forth with that. It's a transition badge with a Ludwig throw and a WFL butt. It looks just like a Jazz Fest at first glance but it's got a slightly "different spirit" for lack of a better way of putting it.
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    I only have one good snare drum but I have no snare GAS anymore

    I think you make perfect sense. I owned one drum set with one snare drum for the first few years of my playing out. It did fine, and I never had a need for a back up. Since then I've had lots of snares and currently the number is down to five, but have never in my 45 years of playing have I...
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    Ludwig atlas mounts fitting into cases?

    If you're getting floor tom legs from INDe then definitely get the aluminum ones. Not only are they much lighter and grip better in the mounts, but they also seem to allow more resonance in the tom than steel legs do. Trust me on this - you'll be happy with them.
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    To Play Or Not To Play

    Just be careful that you don't get yourself into something that's hard to get out of, especially if you know ahead of time you're gonna want out of it. It's kinda like asking somebody who annoys you to move in with you temporarily.
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    Taylor Hawkins - RIP

    I just woke up and saw the news. It's unbelievably sad and tragic. He's been one of my favorite drummers both in playing and in overall energy on the stage. What a fun drummer to watch play. Wow - what a bad day for drums and music in general.
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    Less effective ear plugs?

    I've got a set of Norton Sonic II noise filters (no longer made) that I've had since the early 80's. Everything sounds normal with them on, but take them off and your ears hurt from all the extreme highs they were taking out. The only negatives are that they take out very little volume, and...
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    An Acrolite ruined

    All things considered - it's not so bad.
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    Facebook and Messenger - I am done

    I might be better off with instagram rather than FB for what I use it for, but for some reason I just don't. I may look deeper into that.
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    OT … A Very Sad Passing

    Oh my goodness. I never knew about him - and I'm not pretending to be a qualified judge - but I just watched those videos and I've never seen anybody play a violin quite like that. Outstanding is the word that comes to mind but that doesn't even do justice to what I saw in that Steve Vai tour...
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    Rope tuning a djembe

    I've done that kind of rope tuning on mine in the past, and if there's any imbalance of tension then it wasn't noticeable in sound or feel. Just tune it up a rope pair at at time until it gets the sound you want.
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    “Attempted Delivery” LIE

    I had that happen once, and I was sitting in my living room with the door open to my porch the whole time. There's no way I could've missed it. I decided to walk around the block and see if it could have been dropped at the wrong house, and amazingly I saw a box sitting on a porch several...
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    INDe rail mount design issues?

    I think this thread is both interesting and useful info for those looking to upgrade their mounts, but my advice is to message Josh @indedrum with all issues and concerns regarding INDe products. I've generally contacted him before ordering and he's always come through with the right solution...
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    Inde tom legs

    Not needed with those legs. Seriously.