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    Yes it has taken the back pain out of playing in my case. It's not about relaxing during songs because I don't lean back into it while I play, rather it forces me not to slouch in ways that have been mentioned in posts above. I do lean back into it sometimes between songs to give my back a...
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    Stage personality

    This week my wife pointed out to me that I'm hypercritical of everyone's stage presence, but that I have absolutely no expression whatsoever while I'm playing. I can't say she's wrong. Gotta work on that.
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    How often should resonant heads be replaced

    I'm in agreement with the others to change them in your case. I change mine when I feel it's needed, but that's not nearly as often as the batters. The resonant heads don't take a beating and wear out that way, but they do grow more and more dead over time just from their age and constant...
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    SOLVED!!! - Can’t Quite Mesh With My New Custom Kit

    This is a longshot but it sounds like you've tried everything else. If the lugs and/or other hardware are tightened too hard to the shell then that could cause enough of a bind to kill some sustain. It wouldn't be expensive to check the tighness of those screws. OR you could rule out the...
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    roc-n-soc throne question

    I agree with this. It's the only thing I didn't like but there's a modification that will fix the issue. Take the back rest out to a vehicle with a trailer hitch receiver. Stick the end of the seat rod into the receiver all the way to where it curves up. Now push down hard onto the seat...
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    The making of a jazz festival

    Amazing work. A beautiful drum.
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    How much does Guitar Center pay for used cymbals?

    Jeremy, I guess it has a lot to do with the individual store and who's running it. I've always been happy with the help I've received in the Asheville store. Good people are there. A little over a year ago I took an old Sabian ride cymbal over there after trying for over a month to sell it on...
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    How much does Guitar Center pay for used cymbals?

    I've taken more than a few items to GC and they gave me acceptable deals on some of them. They're just a wholesale buyer trying to make a buck and not get hurt. It never hurts to let them look at it and ask yourself if you'd rather take their offer and move on, or go list it, deal with...
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    Drummers: Our jobs aren't safe from robots taking over.

    Now that's crazy talk. :laughing6:
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    What Head Do You Have On Your Vintage Snare?

    Ludwig Heavy Coated or Remo Ambassador coated. Both are the same thickness or at least close. The Ludwig breaks in quicker, has a more durable coating, and has a collar that's way more shallow, which I like. Both will sound similar and excellent, maybe the Remo is a hair warmer? or maybe...
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    Drummers: Our jobs aren't safe from robots taking over.

    How do we compete with a robot drummer with perfect tempo and four arms?
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    5000th post. A tribute to the forum.

    Congrats on the 5,000! and by the way, that's a great tribute that really sums it up.
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    OT: National Popcorn Day

    I love good popcorn. Popped in virgin coconut oil with real butter. Pinch of cayenne pepper in the kettle. Wow.
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    EMAD Batter as Reso?

    I'm in agreement with the others that Emad would not be good for the reso. I actually love Emad, the single ply w/thin ring - not the two ply, for a batter head. Just use a single ply Emad with an Ambassador or equal for reso as said above. That's a great-sounding bass drum to my ears.
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    SOLD For Sale: Ludwig '66 Jazz Festival

    Mike that is gorgeous.