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    Slingerland Stage Band 14” Floor Tom

    Maybe a long shot but I’m looking for a 14x14 Slingerland Stage Band floor tom in red sparkle (Sparkling Red Pearl). I have a mid 60s Jam Session kit that I’m on the fence about keeping. If I can find a floor tom it’s staying here, otherwise it will be in the marketplace soon.
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    Who’s got a vintage Rogers kit?

    I have a few…. 12/16/22 XP8’s 12/13/16/22 Swivomatic kit
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    SOLD Vintage 1980’s 14” Sabian HH Hi Hats

    Beautiful - what do they weigh?
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    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    Love having the space for two kits set up at the same time.
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    Ride Cymbal for big band.

    On Saturday I played a big band gig (16 piece band) and was very happy with my Sabian 20” HH Medium Ride. I had a very nice 18” K ride (early 90s model) up for a bit and it sounded ok but not as good as the HH Med ride. The Sabian weighs 2430g with a nice, silvery stick that is more ping than...
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    K sweet crashes?

    I have 20” that is fantastic - it pairs well with my thin Sabian HH crashes, not something that all K’s do well in my opinion.
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    WTB 12” Slingerland Black Diamond Pearl

    Still looking
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    WTB 12” Slingerland Black Diamond Pearl

    Looking for a nice, 3 ply Slingerland 8x12” tom in Black Diamond Pearl. Thanks!
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    Your Ideal gig drum set configuration

    Tough for me if I had to only choose one setup as I play mid volume rock/pop and low volume jazz (and everything else). I would go with: 7x10 9x13 15x16 14x22 The 10 & 13 rack combination is my favorite when running two rack toms and the floor could double as a bass for quiet stuff.
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    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    That’s a 20” SC Mellow Ride. Amazing cymbal for low volume stuff!
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    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    New office requires new pics, right? Quick setup to be able play for bit tonight. Will have room to keep two kits setup, I just have to decide which ones.
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    Help identifying Tama(?) bop kit

    Looks like a generic MIJ kit to me. Could be a good kit depending on the price.
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    Pearl Eliminator Double Pedals

    You can buy the strap/belt assembly separate. I’ve tried almost every common pedal out there, including a new Iron Cobra very recently, but always end up back on my strap drive Elim with the blue cam.
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    OT Which headphones for flying?

    Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll check them out!
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    OT Which headphones for flying?

    My wife and I have a number of long flights coming up in the next few months and are looking for new headphones. We’re thinking noise-cancelling but I would be open to isolation style as well. I’ve heard a lot about the high end Sony and Bose options but $300 is a bit more than I’d like to...