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    Hendrix Sleeved Nylon Washers in tan or wine colors

    Looking for Hendrix Sleeved Nylon washers in either tan or wine colors (which I believe are discontinued). I need 100 packs. Thanks
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    The orphanage - drums to complete your set

    Looking for 10", 13", 20" modern Gretsch Broadkaster drums in Vintage Champagne sparkle. Maxwells recently sold a large shell bank of these drums. If anyone purchased any of these sizes and is looking to sell, please let me know. Thanks
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    Gretsch G5463K Die Cast Padded Bass Drum Claw/Hooks

    I'm looking to replace the old claw hooks on a mid-2000s USA custom bass drum with modern padded USA claw hooks. If anyone has a set of 16 that I can purchase, shoot me a line. Must be VG to Exc Cond. Thanks, Carl
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    SOLD Gretsch USA. 130th Anniversary ( Prototype) # 1 Jazz Kit ( Price Drop)

    If Geoff Clapp played them they've got some great mojo!
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    Aquarian American Vintage vs. Remo Classic Fit Drumheads

    I used both Aquarian American Vintage and the more recent Remo Classic fit heads on my Gretsch Round badge kits. I have Aquarian American Vintage mediums top and bottom on toms and American Vintage with built in felt strip on bass drum reso and sometimes batter. The built in "tone control" of...
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    Sonor Force 3007 Red Sparkle drums

    Hi folks, I recently purchased a used Sonor Force 3007 kit in red sparkle lacquer. I'm looking for add on pieces for the kit, particularly 20" bass drum, 16" bass drum & 16" floor tom. If you have any of these items for sale (must be vg to excellent condition) please PM me. If you're only...
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    22" Sonor Force 3007 bass drum hoop (Red Sparkle)

    Hi folks, I recently purchased a used Sonor Force 3007 (Red Sparkle) from Guitar Center. As to be expected (and even though I asked them to), they did not remove the bass drum hoops when shipping and one of the bass drum hoops was completely broken. I know this is a long shot, but does anyone...
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    Vernell Fournier, Poinciana

    One of my all time favorite grooves. Vernel makes it sound so deceptively easy, but capturing the groove and dynamics of his playing on this track literally took me years to accomplish. I remember playing this tune with a piano trio in a local, popular lounge room years ago. The room was packed...
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    Oriollo Jazz Kit

    Man, they look fabulous. Can't wait to hear them!
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    Favorite song meant for drum solo

    Focus - Hocus Pocus!
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    Rivet "Theory"

    I absolutely love sizzle rides. I love Billy Higgins and have really migrated to his overall drum and cymbal sound. I have owned a few sizzles. My favorites have been the 21" Istanbul pre-split and Agop Mel Lewis rides, both 22" and 21" Bosphorus Traditional rides with rivets added, and the 22"...
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    New Titan Bronze snares

    Whoa. She's a beaut!
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    Istanbul Mehmet Tony Williams cymbal pack questions

    Lol! "Signature crack sound". Good one. I owned a set briefly. The only reason I sold them was because they were the wrong sizes for my taste. They were absolutely beautiful cymbals and by far the best cymbals I've ever heard / played by Mehmet. The pitches blend so well together and create...
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    Elvin Jones

    Ha! Love it. Roy loves his flair!
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    Hi, what's the weight on the 22" Sultan or do you have any recordings of it?