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    C & C Snare Drum

    Selling a beautiful C&C Player Date I snare drum finished in Red Mahogany Lacquer Satin. This 5.5x14 drum is a modern classic that is a joy to play and records like a champ. It's easy to tune, and sounds great whether tuned low and fat, or high and tight. The drum has been very well cared for...
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    Buyers/Sellers Feedback

    Thanks, Russ. And let me say that you made the sale a breeze on my end, too. Great transaction all around! Cheers, Greg
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    Rogers Cleveland era Red Sparkle Powertone Snare drum FOUND. THANK YOU!

    I've got a very nice one available. PM me, and I'll be happy to share details and pics.
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    Rogers maple Powertone snare, early Cleveland, red sparkle - SOLD

    I just bought one of these snares, same era and finish, and, man, it sounds sweet!
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    This beauty is still available! What...??!!
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    Rogers 4 digit Powertone-red sparkle

    That's a beauty! Where'd you find it?
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    Rogers Swiv-o-matic tom arm and BD spurs

    Hi Mitch, This gentleman is making quality repro Swivo parts, in case you're interested: Greg
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    Good value for silver sparkle 60's Ludwig set?

    I had that same configuration in BDP and sold it a few years back on eBay for $900. Nice drums but the double spurs and mufflers aren’t everyone’s thing either so that’s worth taking into consideration as well
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    Rogers Holiday Drums

    Thanks for the numerous replies and offers. I believe I've found the Rogers kit I had in mind.
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    Rogers Holiday Drums

    Interested in a Rogers Holiday drum set, preferably in sizes 14x20, 8x12, 16x16. Any finish and condition considered, so long as there are no mods or extra holes.
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    SOLD! Vintage Ludwig Drum Co. hardware

    Everything's sold.
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    Humes & Berg Cases

    Yes, they’re still available. PM me if you’re interested.
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    Humes & Berg Cases

    dtk, nothing I need at the moment. just looking to clear space.
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    Humes & Berg Cases

    Hi Jake, I may take you up on that of a local buyer doesn't come through soon. I'll circle back later this week to confirm. Cheers, Greg