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    Gibraltar it just me?

    I have the stealth rack only and really like it. I have two toms on it, a cymbal and my snare. To me it does simplify things. Only one stand for what would have been 3 (tom stand, cymbal stand, snare stand). I have the yamaha 3 prong head that goes into the stealth. A hole for each tom and the...
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    Ride Recommendations?

    Yes, the piece meal kit is generally going to be more expensive. Low priced kits have been debated on here before, do some searches and you'll find some threads. Having said that, one of the top kits for the price that always comes up in these threads are the Yamaha Stage Customs. A very good...
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    Ride Recommendations?

    No reason to be embarrassed. Asking questions and getting good answers is what it's all about. If you're also considering hats.... new beats! See the other thread on here about how new beats are pretty much the go to standard for hihats. Then head on over to the cymbal market place and find a...
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    Zildjian K Constantinople Players Here?

    Yea, I'm totally in this camp too. I've played A's with a few K's mixed in for about 40 years. However, in the studio, I had some times when someone wanted something not as loud. Mostly slower folk music. So I purchased a set of the K custom special dry cymbals. They work ok in that setting...
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    What are you doing today as a drummer?

    Drop by the studio, have a cup of coffee and see what's on the agenda. Had a band in the studio the past week or so, always interesting to see how they did. gabo
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    Zildjian K Constantinople Players Here?

    Anyone compare the K cons to the new K Custom Special Dry line? I've not played a K Cons, the style of music I play generally is better served with louder, less dry cymbals. However, I' have a set of K Custom Special Dry's for the occasional session job that needs a dry set and I find I'm...
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    Ride Recommendations?

    I agree, Zildjian A would be the right move. Custom A, sweet ride, etc. there are several different ones over the years. Over in the cymbals for sale section, there is this ad...
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    New Beats

    My go to hats are an old set of 15" Zs that I purchased used in the late 70s. I think they are new beats, but all the writing had been cleaned off before I got them. They are definitely not Ks. Did Z make anything in an A hat that wasn't a new beat in the 70s? They weren't really old when I...
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    Triggers and form over function.

    Correct. To add a bit more info.. If you get into speaker building you'll get familiar with the term "free air resonance" which is one of the Thiele-Small parameters of a speaker and is listed in speaker specs as "fs." In speaker building, you control the fs of a speaker with your box design...
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    Tuning a Snare Drum-Supra

    I agree, that's about a medium tuning. I would consider anything below about 185hz to be low and above about 196 to be high. I generally tune mine about 196 or so. Some where in that 185 to around 200 is my preferred range. And I would generally be happier with higher than that before I...
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    Sweetwater Ride Cymbal shootout

    Yes and in a recording, even when you can tell the difference, I rarely hear one that I dislike. To me pretty much any good quality ride works in a recording. One difference there is in the studio is with volume. A lower volume ride (and other cymbals) affords the ability to mix in more...
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    How do you copy music if it isn't even music?

    I think it's very possible for what's in question here, many of these "major artists" write these things on their DAW. Many times they will bring in loops for the background pieces. I can easily see the 6 or 8 note counter melody on those songs being a loop they brought in and maybe modified a...
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    How do you copy music if it isn't even music?

    What's really bizarre.... If you know how this music is actually made... Every DAW these days, especially the ones that are preferred by this genre, contains all sorts of loops.. Drum loops, chord progression loops, note loops, etc. etc. Many of these songs are constructed by putting these...
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    The supremacy of the sound technician or “Why do all the drummers in Nashville play behind a plexiglass wall?”

    A bit of an angry thread. "I'm not doing this, I'm not doing that!" wow. Personally, I like for me and the band to sound as good as possible. If plexiglas will do that, then I'm willing to adapt for a better overall sound. I already use in-ears so it's not really a problem. I do a number of...