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    IEM advice best isolation

    I don't know anything about the M6Pros. However, there are several different sizes of the actual hole in the end of the IEM to fit different buds. Not the size of the tip (small, medium, etc) but the size that is the "style" number on the comply tips, 100, 200, 300, 400, etc. What I find, is...
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    Vocal mic with lesser bleed through

    In my case, I do all this all the time. I spend a lot of time working to improve sound quality and actually know a lot about this subject. I spend most of my playing time in studios and indeed get many of my jobs because I have a lot of innovative ways to make things sound better or different...
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    Playing a gig tonight outside my comfort zone

    RE - Songs that move... That describes pretty much everything we play! It's hard, song after song, even if the parts aren't that hard. I'm getting to the age where I'm not sure how long I can continue to do it. Fortunately we don't do many shows any more, just special occasions and events...
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    Vocal mic with lesser bleed through

    Yea that's why I've been picking your brain, I appreciate the experience. Reduction of bleed is what I'm after, don't really have a problem with feedback. gabo update - Just ordered a CM310 hand held from ebay, it was cheap and from a seller with a good rating. Says it's "new old stock" so...
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    Yamaha EAD10 users: Are you using an external trigger?

    I use a ddrum chrome trigger on my snare with it. Nice thing about it is in the preset definitions, you can choose whether to use the trigger or not. So some presets I use the trigger for sounds that are specific. For other presets where I just want a nice augmented kit sound, I don't use the...
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    Vocal mic with lesser bleed through

    Thanks, I found a couple of used ones.. It does sound similar to the Audix OM7, as you have to be right up on top of that mic, lips touching, to work well. So maybe it's not that much different to the OM7, although I wouldn't mind trying one. Actually there are a lot of mics I would like to...
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    Vocal mic with lesser bleed through

    Is there anything similar to the Crown CM311a for a hand held mic? For years I played mostly bigger stages and didn't have a problem with bleed in the main singers mic. But recently we've played some small clubs and it's crazy how much the drums bleed into the main vocal mics. We record all our...
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    Vocal mic with lesser bleed through

    Is the CM311a the new version of this? Can't find a CM11a or a CM10 as they are apparently no longer made. Would be nice to recommend a mic you can actually buy :) gabo
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    Help with Wonderwall fill timing at 2:07

    I guess since I'm self taught and know practically nothing about music theory... It's all pretty straight forward to me, but I would just feel it and play it without thinking about much of anything. Heck I've written such things, we have a very old song with an extra beat in the chorus. I...
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    When a touring Prog band joins the ranks of a cover band....

    Playing music is an interesting study.. Maybe it's just me, but here's what happens to me. If I'm playing our originals, or even if I'm in a bigger more serious cover band. We play the songs in a very exacting manner. If the show is big enough we play to a click because there are sync'd parts...
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    Live Hip Hop Drum Setups

    For using a real kit, I would highly recommend a yamaha EAD 10. You get all the triggered kick sounds, snare sounds, etc. with a very minimal setup. It's really great for this type of thing. I would add a snare trigger to it so you can blend the snare trigger with it's stereo mic. Very...
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    Fundamental Pitch and DD Measurements

    First, I tune the bottom lugs, then the top lugs. Then tune the fundamental tone by hitting the drum in the center and doing minor (very minor) adjustments to achieve the fundamental tone I'm looking for. If I do that to two drums and if the heads top and bottom are the same, then I find that...
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    Diggin' on Little Feat

    Richie was a big influence on me, what a great drummer. I am partial to the Craig Fuller albums, Let it Roll, Representing the Mambo, and Shake me Up. But I also loved the old LG stuff as well. Richie just had a sneaky way of making complicated parts seem effortless. What a loss to the...
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    Spotify vs. Amazon Music

    Spotify user here too and like it very much. If you pay for premium and you check the high quality button, it streams at 320kbps which I can't tell the difference from a wav. The free version only allows a max of 160kbps. You need to make sure you set the quality settings. If it's set to "low...
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    20" K Custom Session Ride

    20" K Custom Session Ride. Picked up one of these used the other day. Man, what a great ride cymbal! Just the right blend of ping, wash, and a great bell. gabo