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    Any Pearl drums enthusiasts? What’s your opinion on Pearl?

    Really like my Pearl Studio Masters kit. It's been used on many records. gabo
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    Fans of Rod Morgenstein with Jelly Jam/Platypus?

    I first met Rod in some time around 1980 or so. Interesting that your avatar is from "AL" since where I met Rod was at Auburn University! He came through there with the Dregs, I was going to school there and my band "The Moderns" was very popular around the University. Rod had a day to "do...
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    Snares with hard to turn tension rods

    For sure check this. When I was a kid, and had a snare that wouldn't stay tuned, we would take the rods out and whack them with a hammer to slightly bend them. Made them bind a bit so they didn't detune. It works and I suspect there are many drums out there with bent rods. These days there...
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    I have $800~ to spend on a 4pc kit including snare. What do you recommend?

    Can't argue with that. That's a nice kit, someone better pick that up quick, it won't last long. gabo
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    I have $800~ to spend on a 4pc kit including snare. What do you recommend?

    I would go for the one with a "little more wear on it" :) Great looking kit, with some character marks, and enough money left over to get the right cymbals, hardware and possibly upgrade your snare. The snare is the first thing you'll want to upgrade, even if it's just because you WANT another...
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    Quick Test - 2box drumit 5 mkII

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    Looking to buy my first electronic kit

    Good idea to refer to videos, and yes with the clarifications I think the Alesis Nitro Mesh kit would meet your needs. gabo
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    Looking to buy my first electronic kit

    That's a pretty low budget for a pro quality ekit. At that price range maybe you could find something used. Unless you're talking mostly practice, a kit capable of studio and/or live use will run quite a bit more. Just a pro level Roland, Alesis, Yamaha, 2box, Pearl brain is going to run you...
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    Trick Pro 1-V or DW Control beater?

    Thanks, yes the entire thing is plastic. It would certainly add to the cost for it to be metal. It would also add to the weight, resulting in a heavier "minimum" weight. I suppose they could adjust the size of the weights to compensate for the higher weights but the minimum weight would be more...
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    Trick Pro 1-V or DW Control beater?

    I finally received my DW control XL beater, shipping a bit long these days. Here's the package And here's the contents once opened up. Two beater pads, felt and wood, an allen wrench used to adjust the angle of the head, and a small bag for storing the extra pad, wrench, and any unused...
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    Complete Newb question

    Just ASIO drivers for your sound card. I would also highly recommend heading over to the Presonus forums. They have a good community over there. All of these DAW programs take a bit of patients and learning to get your head around. They are all very involved to say the least. The forum over...
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    Complete Newb question

    I've used Studio One for 4-5 years now after being a cakewalk user for about 20 years. I really like Studio One. It comes with a robust set of plugins as a part of S1, actually enough to do full production. I also use Izotope's plugins, Ozone, Nectar, and Neutron, but really you could do...
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    Complete Newb question

    Protools is quite possibly the least user friendly DAW you'll find. Cakewalk is a good option, as is Reaper and Studio One Pro. Cakewalk is free, Reaper is $60, and Studio One Pro is a bit higher. As for video editing, take a look at Powerdirector, it's about the most full featured at a...
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    Best Real Feel, Tunable Elect. Drums

    Thanks for that input Tommy. I agree that they are just different things, acoustic vs electronic. These days I mostly use my ekit to play in quieter situations where an acoustic kit is too loud. I know a number of "one man band" guys who play guitar and sing, some times they like a drummer that...
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    Newcomer to Electronic Drums. Looking for Advice!

    Yes for that price range, the drumit 3 is possibly the best option. You can add your own samples and also pull samples from vst modules like Addictive Drums 2 to create really great sounding kits. gabo