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    Masterwork Jazz Crash 16" & 17"

    Sorry..don't come here as much, so I am late replying...but both sold
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    Wuhan Cymbals

    Dream cyms are well made and popular...made in Wuhan, and rumor has it, same factory as Wuhan cyms. Then again, same rumors about Bosphorus/Masterwork/Impression cymbals....the underside of the cymbal world is a mysterious one...
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    Byzance Foundry Reserve - new Meinl series

    Way back in 2000, I believe, when Meinl went with their own factory in Istanbul...
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    MASTERWORK FX 20" w/video

    Still Available...
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    Amazon deals thread

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    Grommet! No, not you, the cymbal

    I saw that listed on Reverb a few weeks ago. Wondered what it is...a plug to cover up a large hole intended to be a rivet placement gone bad (large yes, but)???..a plug to cover a hole drilled to prevent a small crack from spreading..?? A DIY cymbal muffler?? Who knows...I see the seller...
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    ..yes, the old cymbal adage, 'try before you buy'...some could be very dry, I would think
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    Never a 'Sabian guy', never touched one. I ran the gamut of many other cymbals though. But, came across this video while checking out Mark Guiliana. He is a Sabian endorser. His playing these Elites sound superb. Of course his soft style is perfect for the music and cymbals, but it left me...
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    Byzance Foundry Reserve...Success or Dud?

    Perhaps I am too use to the Paiste 'step on glass' shimmer and sound imbedded in my head for years, but I swear, listening to your video display of these, I hear some similarities....all in a very good way. You demoed these beautifully (in your video's) and convinced me to pursue them
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    Depth for an 18" Kick - not for BeBop

    I purchased a 10x20 Keller shell. Had it drilled/edged etc. Transferred my hardware off an 18x20 Sonor maple. Worked for me the last 7 years I had it. perfect 'size' in many ways.Sometimes I think of obtaining a 10x18 shell and go with that, but the small cost and trouble does not seem worth the...
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    Paiste Giant Beats?

    Saw a 24" GB ride at GC....that was some large disc of metal
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    Byzance Foundry Reserve...Success or Dud?

    I have some Byzance in a bag...all Jazz series/dark/dry/flats. I like what Meinl has done with the series. Since they introduced the Foundry Reserve, I set my sights on picking up a 20 or 22... I have noticed an influx hitting the pre-owned market. Too soon, IMO, for a 'new' cymbal to be...
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    Han Bennink and Wes

    Thanks...looks to me like a Kerope...but I would think the video predates the Keropes
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    Han Bennink and Wes

    In the solo video, what cymbal is on his right?
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    A Spizz Tribute Cym

    As a lover of flats, I would like to hear it. I did not find it on his there a link you could provide?