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    Ludwig 6.5x14 Black Magic Brass Snare with Diecast Hoops

    I'd potentially be up for a trade. Do you have any pictures of your drum? Thanks.
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    Yamaha Bass Drum Spurs

    What type/model Yamaha bass drum spurs are you looking for? And do you need the complete units?
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    Drum Mic holder

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    Drum Mic holder

    I've used the Beta 56 (and Beta 57) for drums with several different clamps that all worked well. First would be the LP Claw. I did modify it by cutting off most of the rod below the isolation mount so it wasn't so big and clumsy. Another good mount is the Shure a50D. Quick and easy to use...
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    Headphone Amplifiers with Tape Input as Source

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    Ergonomics/music stand questions - advice on improving setup and best way to see my music stand without cranking my neck constantly

    I find that when I'm sitting at the drums looking straight ahead ends up being somewhere between the hi-hat and the bass drum pedal. I put my music stand between the rack tom and the hi-hat stand under the crash cymbal. It took some adjusting of the setup to accomplish this as well as a clamp-on...
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    Vintage Ludwig Destroyed

    "Stupid is as stupid does." - Forrest Gump.
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    ¼"-20 Wing Nut Nuttiness

    Nice solution! I still have a few vintage 1/4"-20 large wing nuts squirreled away, but if I run out I'd do the same thing. And happy to hear that you know that 6mm x 1.0 and 1/4"-20 threads aren't the same size. I can't tell you how many times I've been told that they are interchangeable - and...
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    Tru Oil finish- share your stories?

    I had to laugh when I saw the title of this thread. I'm very familiar with Tru-Oil because about 30 years ago I worked as a chemist for the company that invented it. At that time Birchwood Casey was one of two divisions of a company called Birchwood Laboratories. Birchwood Casey made gun care...
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    Are these genuine Rogers XP8?

    Do the drums that have the seam have the Rogers foil badge on them? Can't tell from the picture. If there's no badge, it's possible that the drums were wrapped at one time and the wrap was removed and the drums refinished. The seam wouldn't have been visible under the wrap. And the drums would...
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    Interesting Slingerland Super Sound King "Super Sensitive" type snare

    I saw this Slingerland snare posted locally on Craigslist. Never heard of of this type of Slingerland. The seller says the drum is "unplayed". Price seems a little high to me, but what do I know. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/msg/d/northfield-very-rare-never-played/7550413525.html
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    What’s the largest (complete) kit you’ve ever purchased

    The largest kit I've ever owned is a used Ellis Drums 13 piece kit. Ellis Drums was a drum shop in St. Paul MN that also built custom drum kits. The kit consists of 3 bass drums (18, 20, 22), 7 toms (8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18), 2 snares (12, 14) and a cocktail drum (15 x 20). It was a wedding...
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    What era / model is this Yamaha set

    Probably more like second generation Stage 5000 series based on the bass drum spurs. Mid 80's likely. The models and serial numbers on the badges would date them more accurately. The 5000 series was Yamaha's entry level drum line at the time, but they were built with the same quality as the...
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    A Insane Reverb Posting

    He also has a $12,500 Psych Red Pioneer snare and a $20,000 Black Oyster Downbeat kit listed. As well as a bunch of other overpriced music gear. He's not trying to sell to musicians. He's looking for collectors with more money than brains.