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    A Very Lucky Saturday - Trans Badge Ludwig Find

    Congratulations. Fantastic score! I own a trans badge Downbeat kit in black diamond pearl that I bought many years ago from the second owner. They are wonderful sounding drums and I'll never sell them.
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    Quick release hi hat clutch

    Until I saw this thread, I thought I owned a DW quick release clutch. Years ago I bought a used DW 7000 hi hat stand and it came with a quick release clutch that had a DW branded wing screw. I always assumed it was a DW product. Now I know it is a Remo clutch that had the wing screw swapped out...
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    Yamaha Oak Custom touch up

    You might be able to find fingernail polish in a color that is close. I did that to touch up some chips on a Yamaha Cherrywood lacquer finish kit I used to own. It worked well because Yamaha didn't actually stain the drums. They used a colored lacquer finish.
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    Sweet Spot Machined Aluminum Cymbal Toppers!

    The Sweet Spot cymbal toppers look really nice and aren't too expensive. I'm thinking of getting some blue ones to go with my main kit. It's strictly a visual thing. I'm currently using black ball toppers on my stands that I found at a surplus store many years ago. They look nice and they only...
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    Ludwig Standard (Vintage) in Downbeat Configuration 20/14/12

    There is a Ludwig Standard Lemon Strata 20,12,14 with matching snare for sale on Craigslist Minneapolis. Maybe the owner would be willing to ship it. Here's a link -
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    Camber T-Tops

    Please be aware that 6mm threads (6mm - 1.00) and 1/4 - 20 threads are NOT the same. Not even close and definitely NOT compatible.
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    Camber T-Tops

    Since they are no longer in production, maybe Josh at INDe could come up with something like them - only better!
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    Camber T-Tops

    The Camber T-Tops originally came in the 1/4" - 20 thread which were designed to fit the American drum company stands of the time (Ludwig, Rogers, Slingerland). They have also been made in two Metric thread sizes - 6mm X 1.00 and 8mm x 1.25. They work great. Your Gibraltar stands should have 8mm...
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    Locating bass drum pedal pins for attaching the spring to the shaft collar

    Based on pictures of that pedal I found on line I'm almost positive that the screw pictured is original to the pedal. And the round piece sitting next to it was a bushing that went on the screw for the spring to hook over. Obviously, the the spring wore out the bushing as well as the screw over...
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    Sold——Craviotto Walnut 5.5 x 14 Snare

    Myron, you're killing me! Gorgeous drum.
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    Wacky idea

    Pearl Extender drums. Here's their snare drum version.
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    Wacky idea

    I believe Pearl tried that a couple of decades ago.
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    Am I seeing things? Muffler on Ludwig drum

    The screw is placed dead center under the knob. Your eyes are playing tricks on you in the shots from the sides. Your eyes are placing the screw under the reflection of the knob rather than the knob itself. That is what makes it look off center.
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    Simple, cheap memory lock solution

    No reason you can't use a wing screw on your existing memory locks. Just replace the drum key bolt with a wing bolt. Worked for me.
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    A source for cocktail like snares

    One example of internal snare wires on eBay.