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    Johnny Vidacovich

    Here is link Gerry
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    Johnny Vidacovich

    I get an auto liv e feed everyday.. From his living room H e plays ans responds to questions and plays requested beats.. I'll try find FB link Gerry
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    Paiste rides are great

    I have ordered a 22" 900 color sound purple Ride... Wow these are stellar.the paint gives much more stick!!!! And warm and musical for no t much money..
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    Next Paiste crash

    haha.. I'm opposite!! I have a 17" sig full and a 18" precision thin.. I wanted a bigger crash..went to Paste stokst So I played a few... I tapped a red 17" colour sound standard...and WO w!!!! It sounded throaty but bigger than a 17".. I played a purple 19" crash and a red 16" ... But taht...
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    Stage Customs

    I bought a set yuo may remember.. I switched out batter head S for yellow colortone emps Wow!!!! These are a fabulous kit! I gav e my nephew the Snare with a big bag fro his B/day.. I did change the stock for an amb coated for him... He love S it. BTW those colortone beads are fab!!
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    Johnny Vidacovich

    That's realy decent o f you..thank you... I bee n listening to more o f Johnny's stuff today... What a feel h e has!
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    Johnny Vidacovich

    Don't wory about Fitzys comment.. It make S a change from "junkie B******" Or f*****g Drunk!!! I now as usual regret ask g the question... I love the guys playing ans was just wondering I f he suffered similar.. I sai I meant no malice nor was being "smart"??
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    Johnny Vidacovich

    Yeah I love his sound and style.. So unique and tasty.. Greasy and silky.. Gerry
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    Johnny Vidacovich

    Been on his livestream a few times.. And enjoy his playing... And he seems a really nice person. My gko d friends on her e know I have a brain injury... Which resulted from a bleed.. I can type OK.. But on my phone my spelling shocking. I have noticed that Johnny appears to maybe have suffered...
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    Rogers dynamatic hi hat and few other purchases

    Being a HUGE fan of the new Dynamatjc Bass drum pedal.. I have ordered the matching hi hat stand.. Lightweight and liove the look and design.. I see it has a quick lock clutch as well... Should be here next week. Also on a side note ordered set o Evans UV2 for my toms.. Just a one off, try see...
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    Sad news: Bill Rieflin has died

    horrible days and sad news RIP Bill Gerry
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    Cymbal Bag Recommendation

    I have this bag...amazng!!! Such great quality!!! Gerry
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    What Is Your Most Played Snare and Why?

    mapex black panther "Memphis" 7.8mm walnut/maple/walnut 5.5x14".. Warm, fat, crisp ans so sensitive.. A real do it all!!
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    Neil Peart passed away. 67

    RIP I'm so so sad Gerry