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    Ufip supernova

    B8 or B10 I would guess at but the Crashes are absolutely stunning.. A whole new flavour... If you love A customs (like I do) And with a sprinkle of 2oo2 these are the ticket.. I was so blown and fell in love with the 16" and 18" that were in the store. I ordered a 17" tho as I pairing it with...
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    Paiste Dark Energy Set

    I have a mkll 21".. Every so often it comes out.. I tire of it as it's volume isn't suited to ever taking in band room.. But on my set on my own I love it.. The new 15" hats look interesting tho Gerry
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    PST Rock

    PST8 Absolutely HATE them!!! Played a set in a rehearsal studio and I know well they are made for Rock but I was horrified at their sound. The crashes were 16" and 18" Rock models.. Two Gongs!!!! Harsh, bitter and a one dimensional "clang" sorry clang is too musical these are more like "clug"...
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    New (to me) Classic Maple

    I called up the shop where I bought this Drum.. He assured me ( being in the drum retail business 30+ years, focussing on second hand and vintage gear) that the Drum has has Not been cut down nor modified in any way.. He has only ever seen one before, another 5x14" that arrived in his shop 9 or...
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    New (to me) Classic Maple

    Gold with white writing.. Monroe on badge..
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    Patrick McGoohan

    Man..ther is something disturbing/unnerving about that show... I kinda feel spooked by it.. What the hell was it about? Sci fi? Or just plain nuts? Thanks for posting that..interesting.. Gerry
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    New (to me) Classic Maple

    Yes it's a thick shell.. Definitely!!! It sounds great you could prob cover absolutely any style with these two Drums alone.. I have the Ludwig bug for sure I have made my mind up I'm not do keen on Gretsch snares.. And DW S are just too heavy and over designed for me.. Simple and unfussy is...
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    Nevermind the Garbage here's Butch Vig

    Love this...LOVE the album and the Band!!! Nirvana and Garbage..oh and Shirley Gerry
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    New (to me) Classic Maple

    I don't know when this is from . The Keystone badge is bigger on this drum than my newer Classic Maple and there are no gaskets.. The throw is super smooth..
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    New (to me) Classic Maple

    I have no idea but it is as funky as hell!!! The extra two lugs seem to dry out the tone a tad .. Its not cranked . Bottom med/tight.. Top med.. It came with "pursesound" wires but I switched them out to DW truetone wires and ditched the plastic straps and went with Cord...
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    New (to me) Classic Maple

    12 lugger in MINT condition And in natural maple gloss.. To add to my other Ludwigs 402 and the NEW classic maple with inde throw.. It's poppy articulate and primarily for brushes and funky grooves ..
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    Thoughts on 1st generation Yamaha stage customs

    I dont know about first generation, but I own latest bang up to date... I also owned a maple custom absolute and the stage customs are EVERY bit as good sounding.. they are birch, have retro shallow Tom's and they sing.. the 13x14" has only 6 lugs but it makes not one iota of a difference...
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    Patrick McGoohan

    When I was really little I remember this dude getting chased across a beach with massive plastic spheres? I Am sure anyway.. Gerry
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    Tell me why I should like brass.

    I only own one metal drum 402.. Brass as I said I just find kinda vanilla without raspberry sauce.. Where's my 402 is like chocolate but can be vanilla or even strawberry if I want it to be... Gerry
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    RIP Hal Blaine

    What a life..what a man...the sheer wonderment he was part of.. A true icon and legend!! Sad, sad day Gerry