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    Natal.. originals 7x14" Maple ..

    I own a few Natal Drums and I love them..
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    Natal.. originals 7x14" Maple ..

    I bought an ordered a Natal Originals Owned by "Marshall" 7x14" snare Drum.. Absolutely flawless maple shell.. 2.3 mm hoops and the brilliant tri throw. Has Evans reverse dot (kept it on) and 300 Glass snare side.. I Did put set of Grover wires on it as they soundd amazing...(on any deep wood...
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    Opinions on Ludwig Classic Maple options

    My LCM 14x20" BD 9x12" Tom and 14x14" FT .. Teal Sparkle my dream kit!!! Also own a 6.5x14" CM snare in Lime Sparkle... The other drum was an early 80s 12 lug 5x14" maple... My friend kept on and on.. I got 650.00 for it.. I also own a 5x14" supra B/O badge.. Not in fotos!!! This IS it for...
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    Is the ride cymbal dying in modern rock music?

    the whole "wash Ride" is getting a bit "samey".. A fad that has grown in popularity... I'm def a less is more.. I'm no basher..i have power but the bow of the Ride and the tip of the stick are MY Dynamic.. I also play Sizzle Rides a lot..
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    Charlie watts question

    Old thread, but Family asked me.. What Yu wnat chrstmas I getting a 17" thin re Issie classic 602... Can't wait!!!
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    Zildjian S Series . . Any insights?

    Amazing I concur!!!! Gerry
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    Late 80s Pearl MLX - Thoughts?

    I own a beaten, battered shallow rack 10" 12" rack and 15" floor ..14x20" bass.. Superhoops.. No iss mounts Mounts pentrate shel Got it in Glasgow gumtree add for 300.00 quid.. Scratched ans few scrapes.. But had edges re done (80.00) ans they sound amazn Gerry :)
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    I don't get 17-18" depth bass drums?

    Deepest I wil ever go..16" Altho I prefer 12" " or 14" deep and always a 20" drum Gerry :)
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    What does everybody think of the new Rogers

    That is my Drea m drum!!! Beautful
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    Natal Originals ... Loose wrap issue

    Update ..drum on way to wonderful Tristan Head at drumattic for a re-wrap in Gold sparkle.. He is meticulous and will also give drum once over... Seals/ waxes edges and greases all lug inserts with lithium grease.. I will get the natal branded ribbons replaced with my go to cord.. And he sets...
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    Natal Originals ... Loose wrap issue

    Rich... I'm gonna keep it.. It is a unique lil drum for sure... If i have any issues I'll just send it away then, to be re-glued or recovered.. Thank you do much.. I suppose ther be a fair few of this with thsi issue that don't get hung up... If seem was open that WOUL d annoy me... Thanks again
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    Natal Originals ... Loose wrap issue

    I bought this off EBay... In "Immaculate condition" and a Unique drum.. Being that it's a Birch shell and 6.25x13" ( yes 6.25) ..sound great¡!! Problem is the extremely attractv red satin wrap is "tacky and loose in a couple of places... No bubbles or distortion and seam is tight, althoug...
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    Johnny Vidacovich

    Here is link Gerry
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    Johnny Vidacovich

    I get an auto liv e feed everyday.. From his living room H e plays ans responds to questions and plays requested beats.. I'll try find FB link Gerry