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    Welcome Dumpy! I think you'll find the folks here to be very knowledgable and enthusiastic. As a relatively new member myself, I've found the site to be a wonderful resource, as well as a source of entertainment and camaraderie. Looking forward to getting to know you!
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    Jerry died 25 years ago today....

    I used to despise the Dead thanks to the many deadheads I knew. I was surrounded by them growing up, and they would constantly try to convert me while being completely unwilling to listen to anything else (even if it was music that actually influenced the Dead, like a lot of the blues, jazz and...
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    John Henry Bonham

    Nilsson! Didn't realize this was Bonham, does he play on the whole album too? Cool to hear him in another context.
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    Can you play a roll (and how important are they)?

    I seem to have had the opposite experience of most here. I grew up playing mostly rock and grunge in a high school band. I was self taught, and so I never prioritized rolls and rudiments since my primary goal was the ability to play music that never seemed to call for these skills. Deep down I...
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Posted about this elsewhere, but not here where it belongs. I recently got a steal of a deal off of Amazon for a 20" Oriental Crash of Doom. I've been loving how it works as a big, dark, ominous and washy crash, but have also been surprised at just how well it works as a jazz ride. It has...
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    Very thin sticks cause me physical stress

    I don't doubt this can happen, but the opposite can just as easily be true too. I find playing with the birdlands effortless, while larger sticks have given me more fatigue, bruises and blisters. But again, I'd say it's a question of choosing the right tool for the job. For my approach, my...
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    Very thin sticks cause me physical stress

    These were recommended to me at one point, and I picked up a pair. I love the round tip and long thin taper, but the balance is definitely pretty weird and takes quite a bit of getting used to.
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    Very thin sticks cause me physical stress

    I love using thin sticks, it's no deficiency or anything to overcome or grow out of (for me). When I use thicker sticks than my usual bop works birdlands, they really do feel like clubs. I've also grown accustomed to the way my cymbals sound with thinner, lighter sticks, and really can't stand...
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    Cymbal Pricing on Amazon

    While we can agree about the threat Amazon poses to traditional retailers with their predatory practices, the solution is not always clear cut. In a not so veiled attempt to justify my deals, I would posit that snagging these deals is actually costing Amazon money, they're clearly taking a hit...
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    Cymbal Pricing on Amazon

    Thanks for the insight. To be honest, I've always been hesitant to buy any cymbals online given the subjectivities and variables inherent in cymbal making/choosing. I've given plenty (the majority) of my business to local brick and mortar drum shops, but found the couple of deals discussed above...
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    Cymbal Pricing on Amazon

    Just writing to see if anyone can offer any insight. My only experience has been with, but I've been finding that certain cymbals fluctuate wildly in price. I play Zildjians exclusively, and while some remain consistent in price, others seem to fluctuate by the day. I don't mind, as...
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    Drumming and Cycling

    Perhaps the real question is not why so many drummers like cycling, but why so many drummers like teaching!
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    Drumming and Cycling

    I should have just done this myself, but glad you took the initiative tkillian! I'm curious to read what others post here, but we're off to a fine start. There's certainly nothing like the peace and quiet of riding country roads, surrounded by farmland and wildlife, to soothe the soul and quiet...
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    Show Us Your Rides

    Thanks D.B.! I don't have a scale, but the Avedis all come with the weights written under the bell, (and yes, they vary quite a bit). My 21" is 2226 g. I tried a 22" in store (can't recall the weight), but to me it had too much wash to stick definition, and seemed to get a bit unruly and out of...