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    6mm Cymbal Arm

    The older version of the Tama boom arms similar to the one in the photo in the original post had 6mm tilters. These were the ones that came with the Tama T-tops. You might find one on EBay. Gary
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    Tama Lever Glide hihat--your opinions?

    The Iron Cobra Lever Glide is probably the best designed hi hat that I've owned. It is, however, very heavy, so it ended up staying in the rehearsal space. I've been gigging with a single-braced Lever Glide from the late 80's that I found on EBay. It feels very similar and is much lighter. I...
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    Ayotte Woodhoop vs Sakae Trilogy vs Ludwig Legacy vs Canopus

    I mostly lurk here (since the DCP days) but rarely post. However, I recently purchased a Sakae Trilogy kit in the sizes mentioned. You can definitely do this for $2k. I found that the Sakae Trilogy drums were priced between Ludwig Classic Maples and Ludwig Legacy Classic. Afte I have some...
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    Favorite High Hat Stand?

    I will add one more vote for the Tama Lever Glide. I have one of the big, modern Iron Cobra models, and it's the best hihat the I've ever played, but it is pretty heavy. It stays in the rehearsal space these days. I gig with a single-braced Lever Glide (from the 80's, I think) that I found on...
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    Reproduction Slingerland Sound King Lugs

    I used the repro Sound King lugs on a kit that I put together with Tempus shells several years ago. They do, indeed, seem to have thinner walls than what I remember from older Slingerland drums. That said, I have had no problems with any of them in the last 5 years. I did recently get to...
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    I own a Roc-n-Soc Nitro, which is a terrific throne, but stays in the practice room because it's not practical to set up and tear down at gigs. (One of my rules for my gigging kit is no tools for setup and teardown.) I also own a Roc-n-Soc Mac saddle (w/the tripod base) and several Tama 1st...
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    Worldmax slingerland sound king repro lugs?

    I used these lugs on my Tempus set (2 toms and kick). I think that the wall thickness on the lug is probably thinner than the vintage Slingerland ones (at least the earlier ones). The chrome is OK, but I didn end up picking some of the less-than-perfect samples for less visible locations on...
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    1940's Ludwig Universal Concert Snare Restoration

    Thanks, Jay. OK, let's try this: Here are some shots of the drum as it was when I got home: Hmmm... I guess "small" is a bit too small. Gary
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    1940's Ludwig Universal Concert Snare Restoration

    Hi Folks, I've lurked here since the DrumCenter days, but haven't posted much. I just acquired my first vintage snare, a white lacquer Ludwig Universal Concert snare from the early 40's. My wife came home with it and a trunk full of vintage hardware from the Brimfield fair, a large annual...
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    CLICK HERE For The Winners Of The Raffle! ~ PAGE 1

    Re: Donate To Drumforum ~ Paul Bunyon Says "Thanks"! Bump. Very generous. Thanks. Gary