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    If You Were Going to Buy a New Drum Set, What Would it Be?

    I'll give 2 options, one that's somewhat in reach, and one where money is no option. The affordable one would be a C&C Player Date 1 in either Mint Marine Pearl, or Pink Marine Pearl The dream kit would be a Craviotto, or a Q brass kit.
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    Bronze Snares - what the hell happened $$$???

    The cheapest bronze snare I've seen are the Pearl Sensitone phospher bronze ones. They're going at about $550. I saw a PDP Concept Bronze snare on reverb for $950 and had a chuckle.
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    Favorite Drum Stick?

    Vic Firth 3a wood tip, but recently I've been using the VF Matt Greiner signature sticks, and I like them a lot.
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    RIP Bob Saget

    RIP, I was shocked when I found out back in the day that his stand up was literally the exact opposite of Danny Tanner. And honestly, I liked him even more after that. Hope there wasn't any substance abuse involved in his death, but them finding him in his hotel room doesn't sound too great.
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    Room Acoustics/sound treatment - Need something to make my drums sound good again...

    I just moved as well, and I'm looking at doing what @notINtheband mentioned. Just making a few of my own panels. I got my current kit right after July 4th, and I still haven't been able to set it up at all, let alone play it.
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    The last concert I went to was.........................

    Mine was right before the pandemic, back in February 2020. I'll never forget this night. My favorite band of all time, Thrice was playing in Columbia, SC at a place called The Senate. So, this venue is basically in the middle of downtown, so parking isn't exactly plentiful. There's an Ihop right...
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    Best audio/video recording device for capturing drumming

    I was coming to mention this as well. I had the non 4K version and it did everything I needed it to.
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    RIP John Madden

    RIP, I know the kids these days only know of him from the video game, but I used to love him and Pat Summerall calling games on FOX back in the day.
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    Star, SQ2, or Craviotto !!

    The fact that he's got all you guys responding the way you are says otherwise.
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    Buying drums that nobody will ever hear

    Based on this, I would say to keep what you have, put on new heads and tune them up to jazz tunings. Gear won't make you a better drummer, but sometimes having nicer stuff is a motivating factor to practice harder, or maybe a confidence booster. So, if you aren't affected by that, then a new kit...
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    16” Zildjian K Light Hats

    Was finally able to weigh the top hat again. I was way off, by a full pound lol. Original post has been edited. Top hat is 1360g Bottom is 1632g
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    Inde now offering Turkish cymbals

    I know I'm responding to a months old post...... I could definitely be wrong here, but I think that these other brands like Turkish, Heartbeat, etc aren't necessarily owned by Mehmet, just that Mehmet manufactures the cymbals for them. Kind of like how Samsung makes panels for pretty much every...
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    Replicate this snare sound: Chris Dave on Black Radio

    It sounds tuned fairly high, but also the snares seem pretty tight as well. Almost choking, but not quite. And I would think there'd definitely need to be some muffling involved. A wallet or BFSD donut or something.
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    Star, SQ2, or Craviotto !!

    My friend is playing the troll game at an extremely high level, and some of you guys can't handle it at all. Well, really just one of you lol. It's hilarious either way.
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    The Official DFO RANDOM DRUM PHOTO Thread!!!!

    I have a Starphonic Copper, and it's probably my favorite snare I've ever owned at this point.