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    rogers lug mount thread size

    If they strip, re-tap to 10-32 and get 10-32 screws.
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    Some pics of the first Spun-Basalt drum kit

    Fantastic work drumjinx jr. Is the roving filament made of basalt (not fiberglass roving) and spun in the poly resin?
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    A new size for me - 8x14

    I am so glad you like it. It was the first snare I ever built. Used it for everything. How is the rest of the kit working out?
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    9 x 13 Pearl Fiberglass tom to snare conversion?

    Gunter Vent was the doctor in Apollo 13.
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    9 x 13 Pearl Fiberglass tom to snare conversion?

    Back in the day, Jerry Jenkins and I both agreed that the best depth for a 13" snare was 7"-7 and 3/8". He and I made a few. 7 and 3/8 was great. Turtle Vents and Gunter Vent.
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    Hi hat foot timing

    One of the best hi-hat guys was John Guerin with Tom Scott and the LA Express. Check out the song “Spindrift”. Very advanced hat work.
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    Joke Thread

    Hey Blueshadow. I just moved to Round Rock. You close by sir?
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    I believe Milestone were Fiberglass Shells and company was sold to Paul Mason who re-named the brand Tempus.
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    Photos of stripped Pearl Fiberglass?

    You can also stain them with auto paint. Sprayed on and wiped. Still translucent.
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    Anyone try 2.3mm COB hoops on a CM snare?

    Sounds like an “S” hoop.
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    Zildjian hi hat question

    I drilled 4 holes in mine a long time ago. I did not notice a difference. I also put a rivet in the bottom cymbal. Barely noticeable. Not as much sizzle as I had hoped fir.
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    I Bought a Set of Ludwig S/L Drums

    Guys, What does S/L stand for?
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    Pics posted with Duplicates

    Thank you Mr. Loss, It is fixed now. Thanks Mr. Xsaber, I am just getting used to the new format. Posting pics is a little different than before. I think this is good info. for anyone posting pics here. Thanks Again
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    Pics posted with Duplicates

    Hi Mods and Guys, I added some pics to a for sale post. Rogers Tom and Bass Drum lugs. The pics were duplicated and now there are twice as many as needed. How to fix? Is it possible that pressing the full image button too many times caused this? Thank You