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    OT: Your Favorite Meat?

    Lobster season here has been delayed and starts in a week ! Crab, large scallops, shrimps, octopus, name it. Fresh brook trout and salmon straight out the river obviously. On the bbq, I would say marinated flank steak with quality deli sausages. Ribs and brisket, stewed and grilled lamb...
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    Who else could sit at drums for Snarky Puppy or Mahavishnu Orchestra?

    Is there a top of the pops forum then where you could post inept comments obviously stated to troll for reactions ? That would be great. Regards.
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    My New Normal: Yamaha Absolute Maple Hybrid Shell Bank

    Excellent move ! I essentially went down the same path, currently owning both ahm (22-10-12-16 in red just like yours) and new rc (22-10-12-14-16 in pb). As I play 1up and either 1 or 2 down, both 10s sit in their cases. Got both as demos so I compromised on sizes for $ reasons, otherwise I...
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    Bass drum pedals flagged as weapons on FB marketplace...

    We pastt our annual facebook ad campaign this year (paid boosted content) and it made no difference whatsoever in our numbers. Quite the contrary : we saved the money and stopped waisting time answering useless inquiries. Try selling elsewhere is my suggestion, Marketplace is not there yet.
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    Yamaha Live Custom 10/12/16/22 Near Mint

    The live customs are the one kit I regret not buying. Someone get this !
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    OT - Anyone Else Watching "Tiger King" -- The Best Documentary in the History of Documentaries?

    Ok so after a well-deserved hiatus from the misery of cracked-out somehow legally gun-slinging slacked jawed yockels, I re-entered the realm of whatever that whole thing is supposed to be. Joe Exotic is definitely the ultimate Les Claypool’s Tommy the Cat impersonator when talking on the phone...
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    Recommend me a snare drum - pretty please?

    I wonder how dynamic kapur differs from regular kapur in the wild ?
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    At what point do made-in-Taiwan/China drums become cool?

    Hey, the Tiger King situation is being debated in another thread. :angel12:
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    OT - Anyone Else Watching "Tiger King" -- The Best Documentary in the History of Documentaries?

    We only watched the first episode, but since I couldn’t stop imitating Joe and his partners afterwards I doubt my family will let me watch the rest !
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    Surely I can't be the only one that can't stand "yellowed" WMP??

    They sort of make me want to have butterscotch pudding. I never act on it though, but I can see why some love it and others prefer non-yellowed wmp. I do love aged onyx which to my is in the same register, better known as werther’s original finish.
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    OT - Anyone Else Watching "Tiger King" -- The Best Documentary in the History of Documentaries?

    We started watching it yesterday, my wife hopes there are not too many episodes left. Anyone else think Joe Exotic sound like Les Claypool in Tommy the Cat when he is on the phone calling from county jail ? Maybe it’s just me forcing a coincidence.
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    Snare Suggestions?

    Listen to Dunnett videos on YT and pick your favourite (made in Canada !). TI and brass are versatile, both full-body sounding with the brass calling for more control and restraint when playing quieter. Sonor Benny Grebb snares are great. The new Gretsch Brooklyn Standard snare sounds like it...
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    Buy/Play/Pass: Which lower-priced kit would you & why?

    I would get a Yamaha stage custom way before most 1-3k$ kits any day. It is enough drum for any pro drummer. You mostly pay for high-end finishes nowadays.
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    George Way Tuxedo 5 Piece Drum Set Gretsch Shells (One of a kind!)

    I would not trade any of my Dunnett snares for anything less that a Dunnett snare...except maybe a nice Geo Way snare of course !
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    Drum Center of Portsmouth - PENDING Experience

    Bad public reviews are to me the equivalent of revenge porn. They never serve anyone’s interest. Talk it out, involve a third party that can actually do something to resolve the situation if need be. Airing it out to get back at someone is just petty. Having dealt with drummers and seeing...