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    I bought a dud guitar... what should I do with it?

    I have bought two of these red sparkle beauties, adding quality wiring harnesses and turning them into Esquires for gifts for a few friends. Used Seymour Duncan Nocaster bridge pu and installed an “Eldred Switch” by Hoagland Customs (who also make great pickups). Nice, thin, LIGHTWEIGHT...
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    Guitar Player Tells Drummer

    Me too. Fortunately, been playing a long time and got a lot of musical friends! I’m done gigging at 62.
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    Getting too old for this....maybe

    Where’d you get that shirt, my man! I’m 62 now…well into old man land.
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    I bought a dud guitar... what should I do with it?

    I’ll add that Epiphone clones of Gibsons have LESS of a headstock angle. I don’t know the specific degrees each uses, but I’ve been told and read repeatedly over the decades that it’s Gibsons extreme headstock angle that renders headstock/necks to such damage potential.
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    I bought a dud guitar... what should I do with it?

    But isn’t the angle from THE HEADSTOCK and not from the way the set neck is seated?
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    Guitar Player Tells Drummer

    As an Austin guitarist pal told me recently, there are too many guitarists out there to work with. A good rhythm section is a rarity. So you’ve got the foundation. Now find some guitarists who work and play well with others. They’re out there. Everybody has been through this. Lol. 20 years...
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    Cherie Willoughby

    I had nothing but good deals from her. I was only buying parts, and difficult to find parts at that. I was buying from her pre-eBay and might have bought some stuff from her there. Occasionally she’d have some very nice kits.
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    Joe Piscapoe

    Now ex SNL cast member Dana Carvey CAN play those skins.
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    Steely Dan drummers

    I’ll add the Jims were prolly my next favorites: Gordon and Keltner.
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    Steely Dan drummers

    I really thought Jim Hodder was great. I realize he’s in a list of perceived greater greats, but I liked his playing. Also, I thought David Palmer was a great first vocalist for them. The two Dan midnight special clips on the tube show them. And man, that Danny Dios could play. You know when...
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    Hickory or oak?

    Try a Vater 3A. Might hit your sweet spot hand fit wise as it did me.
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    Hickory or oak?

    I went to the Vater 3A over 20 years ago and haven’t looked back. Pro mark 5a for first 30 years on kit, not counting marching sticks in band. I needed just a bit more than a 5a but less than a 2b or 5B. The late Barry Frosty Smith gave me a pair of Vater 3A way back when, and I’m still using...
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    Drum stick for best definition on ride cymbal?

    I’m a 3A nylon tip man myself. 52 year drummer. Moved to the Vater 3A nylon tip 20 years ago. Fits me better than a 5A yet thinner than a 5B or 2B. I wish other makers like pro mark made a 3A that fits me as well as the Vaters. I’ve never had a Vater warp despite being a heavy hand sweater...
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    OT: Making Nonsense Lyrics for Songs You Love or Hate

    Also, I thought for decades that the opening lines to the Stones “B*tch” was “I’m a soul star” etc. many misunderstood Stone lyrics over the decades for me.