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    OT: Old farts trying to be hip:

    One of the best series of commercials out there!
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    Late 60s Gretsch White Marine Pearl

    Well the the cool thing is you are being honorable and making things right. Good on ya!
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    Promuco Bonham sticks

    I bought a few pairs of the Promuco Bonham sticks but they must be defective. I sound nothing like Bonham when using those things.
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    (Restored) 60’s Ludwig Blue Oyster Pearl Pioneer snare

    That wrap turned out great! Is the wrap original Blue Oyster Pearl but from a different drum?
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    Psychedelic red offer, fair price?

    There looks to be a large difference in the fading of the drums. Maybe just the lighting?
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    I have a 20" Thin. Would live to have a 22".
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    Anybody have any inside info/predictions on DW's 50th anniversary?

    Dang! Well there goes that prediction!
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    Anybody have any inside info/predictions on DW's 50th anniversary?

    Something completely different for DW.. An all metal set..... Any exotic woods or hardware platings is a been there done that.
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    DW Lost Touch with Reality

    The black nickel/chrome is not a bad idea. Would match the hardware on my DW Dragonwoods. Although I'm sure I couldn't bring myself to pay the price but still.
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    DW Lost Touch with Reality

    Ohhhh.... Now we're talkin!
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    Rogers big R 20” bass drum wanted

    Dang. Would love to find on for my XP8 set in black.
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    Opinion wanted on a trade.

    I've never played a Craviotto kit before so I do not really have the full perspective there and admittedly I may be all wet behind the ears but what I do have is a beautiful Translation Badge Oyster Pink Pearl snare that I about shart my pants when I got the snare cause when are you going to...
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    Renting my AHM kit to H.E.R. Drummer for an upcoming concert. Nevermind!

    I was chuckling to myself while reading this as was sitting at my set looking straight at my spare drumsticks on top of my bass drum :) I'm surprised you didn't mention rash on mounted toms or snares drums due them resting against each other. That would frost my you know whats.
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    PDP 20" Concept Maple Classic Bass Drum

    Whoa. I swear when I got my 18" and 24" sets a 20" wasn't available! Maybe the 20" is a newer offering or I had just missed it completely. Thanks!
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    PDP 20" Concept Maple Classic Bass Drum

    Unfortunately it's 16" depth but I appreciate the reply!