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    **SOLD** PDP Concept Maple 5pc kit - Black Sparkle Lacquer

    Shipping would probably be around $175 FedEx. Are you interested??
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    Drum Kit(s) You totally Regret Selling

    My first "pro" kit: 1959 Ludwig blue sparkle 14x22 & 9x13 with a Slingerland 16x16 floor tom. My dad bought it from a guy at work for $150 back in the early 1970s. Best sounding drums I've ever played. Traded them in on a Pearl wood/fiberglass kit in 1976 like an idiot. I'd recognize them in a...
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    Toca KickBoxx

    A true suitcase drumset, coming soon from Toca. Street price is around $425
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    **SOLD** PDP Concept Maple 5pc kit - Black Sparkle Lacquer

    Still available! More pics:
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    Winter Namm 2020

    The most exciting things for me from NAMM so far: -Speed King reissue -8-lug Black Beauty -Pearl's curved "boomerang" cymbal arm (but not for $159 MAP) -Pearl solid shell snare drum options
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    Winter Namm 2020

    Sabian at NAMM:
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    DW+ Slingerland

    Add Chad Wackerman
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    Winter Namm 2020

    So far, so zzzzzzzzz :
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    Winter Namm 2020

    What the...?
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    Winter Namm 2020

    Holy crap! They're back!!
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    Has Sabian been putting a new finish on their cymbals?

    Conversely, my Evolution crashes have been turning all sorts of colors...
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    At what year does "vintage" end?

    I have a 1980 Pearl ET maple kit, which will be 40 years old this coming year. But I don't think of it as vintage whatsoever. Also have Sabians from 1983 -- 37 years old, but again, not vintage in my mind. Now, my Ludwig 1959 BeBop snare, yeah, vintage. My Frank Wolf 14x26, vintage. Maybe...
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    Your Wish List

    If there WAS a Santa, what would be on your drum wish list? Mine: Oaklawn Camco kit Premier Resonator kit Engraved Black Beauty My 1959 Blue Sparkle Ludwigs that I traded in like an idiot for a Pearl wood-fiberglass kit back in the late 70s
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    Sabian 19" HH Classic Sizzle Ride (2008)

    Factory-installed rivets $195 + $24 shipping in USA (or trade for 15" AAX hi-hats)