About Me<br>
Age:: 68<br><br>
Years playing: 45 Off and On<br><br>
Amateur/Semi-Pro/Pro: Amature now<br><br>
Formal training (Yes or No): Some<br><br>
Stick brand/model: Promark Glenn Kotche active wave .570, Promark TX5AW<br><br>
Stick tape/Gloves/None: Tape<br><br>
Cymbal brand/models: Sabian AA EL Sabor ride, 16-18 Sabian vault, Paiste Signature fast crash, 2002, Zildjian<br><br>
Fav cymbal cleaner: None.<br><br>
Drum brand/model: Ludwig 2007 Classic Maple and Vintage Ludwigs<br><br>
Single or Double bass: Single and double<br><br>
Shells-Maple/Birch/Other: Maple<br><br>
Drum suspension (type or none): Vibraband mounts<br><br>
Drum Head Brand/Type: Evans EC2 SST, Evans G2, Ludwig and Remo Emperor <br><br>
Rack or Stands: Stands<br><br>
Pedals: Iron Cobra, Speed King, Yahama Flying Dragon<br><br>
Pedal beaters- Ludwig<br><br>
Snare stand: DW, Ludwig<br><br>
Hi-hat stand: Iron Cobra, Ludwig<br><br>
Favorite bands: The Beatles, Zepplin, Tom Petty, Captain Beyond, Rush, Mountain,<br><br>
Favorite drummers: Ringo, Bonham, Stanton Moore, Tony Williams, Hannah Ford, Jim Gordon, Glenn Kotche

Sailing, Photography, Music, Apple computers
December 21
Baton Rouge, La.


Ludwig Classic Maple (Quilted African Makore'), 16x22, 8x12, 9x13, 14x14, 16x16, 6.5x14 maple and 100th anniversary 6.5x14 Supra
Daughter's Ludwig (jellybean) kit, "70" 14X22 silver sparkle, "67" 5x14 supra, "67" 9x13 blue sparkle, "09" 16x16 Legacy green sparkle