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    Ludwig Black Beauty advice

    I'm getting ready to purchase a BB and was wondering if there is any difference in sound between the imperial lugs and the tube lugs? I've been wanting one for years...can't wait to get it. Thanks
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    I Sing and Play Drums on this Beatles cover video!

    Nice..keep it up
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    roc-n-soc throne question

    Gonna order some Monkey Butt...just because....
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    OT: Losing my dad.

    Sending good thoughts to ya'll.
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    Greta Van Fleet Drummer Talks Bonham, Ringo and his Band's Pete Best

    Pete Best...never though he was a good drummer!
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    First rock drummer to mount two toms on their bass drum?

    Not sure this is considered "rock", but in the late 60s I remember seeing James Brown, both drummers had double toms.
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    2 and bottom on toms

    Anyone using 2ply on batter and reso? What are the pros and cons?
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    Great photo from this weekend's gig

    Great shot and a great moment your daughter will never forget!
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    "New" Rogers recalling Dynasonic lugs

    Got me too
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    Tama Drum Throne Glide Rider Hydraulix VS Roc n Soc Nitro

    Thanks for the advice...sounds like they are both very good chairs! Guitar Center had the Roc n Soc on sale for $ I went with it. Really like it so far. The little bounce you get seems to take some pressure off my lower back. The seat is real comfortable..more so than my round seat.
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    Tama Drum Throne Glide Rider Hydraulix VS Roc n Soc Nitro

    I'm thinking it's time to make a change to a more comfortable throne. I have two Tama 1st chairs.. Ergo that I never use and a round that I like. Both are build like a tank. So, a friend has the Roc n Soc nitro and loves it. He said after buying it a few years ago, his back started feeling...
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    Cleaning up a Speed King

    I've taken apart an old Speed King I have had for years. What is the cleaner of choice here to dissolve the unbelievable amount of gunk that has built up in the pedal? Acetone, paint thinner, mineral spirits etc?? Thanks????
  13. Music Room

    Music Room

    2007 Ludwig Classic Maple and Vintage Ludwig 4pc
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    Sound Proofing Your Drum Room

    Sabian...So, how did the building work out??
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    Drum gloves

    Sorry... I meant what size and brand of drumsticks do you use?