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    Dunnett Universal Bass Drum Mic Holder

    Apologies for the delay. I have to admit that once I started seeing a bunch of negative comments about this attachment, I got really nervous about replying to this thread. Thats because many of the folks who responded to this point started talking about things that I have no idea about, like...
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    Dunnett Universal Bass Drum Mic Holder

    First off, here's a link to the prodcut so that everyone unfamiliar with this product can see it: https://www.drumcenternh.com/dunnett-universal-bass-drum-mic-holder.html And now - for some photos showing it attached to my bass drum: (click the image to make it larger.) I bought this...
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    DW - Gretsch

    Good point. :laughing2: But that doesn't change my thoughts regarding this particular thread for the reason I mentioned earlier.
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    DW - Gretsch

    It is my humble opinion that all responses to this thread are purely subjective based on an extremely vague and arguably inflammatory original post. I believe this entire thread should be locked unless the original poster clarifies the intentions of the initial wording used.
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    Ludwig metal snare shootout

    As someone who really doesnt like the sound of Ludwig snares at all, that video confirmed all of my previous experiences that Ive had with their various products over the years. I currently do not own any Ludwig snares and I probably never will again. If you guys get your sound out of a Ludwig...
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    Who came up with the term "shell pack" ?

    I have no problem with kick drum. I actually prefer it over the term bass drum. Less confusion. But the phrase shell pack leaves a lot to be desired in my book. I would love to see it called something else, but Im not sure what quite honestly. Ride tom always sounded strange to me.
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    Beater Chic...”rat rods” have entered the drum scene

    FYI - That Rat Rod guy is still around. I think he was a member here way back in the day and he still maintains a currently active IG page, touting his latest wares. He was at the Chicago Drum Show too if Im not mistaken. But in a quick perusal of the IG page, the drums really dont look reliced.
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    What would your next kit be?

    Add me to the list for a new N&C Walnut kit. Traditional sizes please! 20/12/14 or a 22/12/15. (Im a convert for 15 floor toms. Love them!) Im deeply in love with the Yamaha Hybrids. The sound they make is just so intensely satisfying to me. Like it resonated my soul. Im actively trying to...
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    New (to me) Tempus drum kit...

    Allow me to regale you with the tale of a recent drum kit purchase and the strange and improbable story of how it came to be in my possession. Many months ago, whilst perusing Reverb looking for a potential new drum kit, I came across a Tempus kit that really peaked my interest. (Actually, I...
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    Dilemma: Retrofitting an INDE throwoff where the existing holes are HUGE…

    Backstory: I purchased a Tempus snare drum a while ago. I havent used it at all because the throwoff that came on it (A Dunnett model I believe, dont remember which one off hand) was installed so low on the shell that you couldnt get proper snare tension. The straps (or cords) that hold the...
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    Playing on a parade float in September. Any advice?

    I just got word that my band will be playing on a MOVING flatbed trailer in a parade on September 15th. Having never done this before, does anyone here have any words of advice? I cant even wrap my head around how we are going to pull this off honestly. I normally gig with DW 6000 (not the...
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    New Yamaha lightweight stands in this Modern Drummer

    Ive been wondering when the heck Yamaha was going dip their toes into the lightweight hardware market. Im looking forward to seeing it for myself firsthand.
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    Handles, Avatars, & Signatures

    My name here on DFO is a respelling of my actual last name. My name here has also been my in real life nickname since age 10. In fact, the only time I was called by my real name by my mom (RIP MOM!) was when I was in trouble. Then it was first, middle and last name with a bunch of expletives...
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    Big brands and interest level -- rank 'em!

    Most interested in: (I also only included brands I currently do not own.) 1) Yamaha (Hybrid Maple & Tour Custom) 2) Gretsch (Broadkaster or Brooklyn, I like them both for different reasons. Not much of a USA Custom guy.) 3) Sonor Vintage 4) Noble and Cooley Walnut Horizon 5) Mapex 6) Tempus...
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    Questions regarding the DW 9991BD mount…

    A massive thank you to everyone who responded to my query. Special thanks to zenghost for the visual aids that really helped out. Based on the conversation/feedback to this point, I think that it would be in my best interest to investigate other solutions for mounting my rack tom on the bass drum.