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    Why do we buy vintage drums vs modern drums?

    Most likely you couldn't afford this year's model. :)
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    Kenny Clarke - Must Watch

    I watched both videos and really enjoyed them, thanks! I remember those Hollywood Meazzi drums were available at one time on wheels. Kinda weird but Max played them for a season. But they sound pretty good, wonder what the shells were?
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    Price Drop ... K. Zildjian New Stamp 18" Ride/Crash Cymbal, Video

    Wow...I AM in love with that cymbal. Whew!
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    How NOT to make a cymbal demo

    Really guys...really! I'm not about to disparage any of these guys personally. More than likely they are all schooled musicians. But this video can't be taken seriously as music. A parody or a goof of some sort, maybe even a performance...but not music. Just plain silly. BUT a great...
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    WOW Big Money for Ludwig Buddy Rich Sticks

    I have a pair Buddy gave me that look just like yours Deafmoon. Except mine say Rogers on them. A memorable night in 1966 when Buddy gave them to me. :) I've always heard the sanded down section was done by hand. I presume that service wasn't provided to many endorsed drummers.
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    Hip photo of my drums

    Glaze, are the blue ones yours? Blue Ripple? I've only seen that color in the catalog and was never that impressed. However, I think I'm in LOVE with the shade of blue and the pattern looks classy. Really nice.
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    A little extra height

    Love it. I'm only 5'5"...can I put those in my shoes?
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    Hip photo of my drums

    This is in response to the May 30 video. I like the Evans the best...which surprised me 'cuz I'm not an Evans guy at all. It sounded more open to me but...the tone sounded lower and I think that appealed more to my ear? Might the tone be lower? But on the gig of course virtually no one would...
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    Jeff Hamilton+Diane Krall+John Clayton+Anthony Wilson = !

    Just revisiting this. Love it every time I see/hear it. Have you ever seen a happy bunch of players on stage. She must be paying them by the smile. I've seen here twice and certainly got my money's worth. Jeff is just the best in this type of setting!
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    WFL Buddy Rich Super Classic

    I like the logo and drums haven't yellowed much. Possibly point to these drums not being gigged much in clubs where smoking took place.
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    What ride for big band?

    Are we in agreement that Buddy played a Light Ride? I've heard that before but I'm not sure from authoritative sources? Plus, it seems odd that a Light Ride would cut through an aggressive band like Buddy's did. I've listened for decades trying to discern what it is on my own....but I can't...
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    Please recommend a definitive record from the classic jazz drummers?

    As I've mentioned elsewhere...big A.T. fan here. But I'm guessing these kinds of stories (I've heard others) may indicate A: Art wasn't good with money or B: Art had some bad habits? I've always wondered because on some videos he looks unwell and at times rushes badly? However in his latest...
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    Please recommend a definitive record from the classic jazz drummers?

    Stan Levey, This Time the Drum's On Me; Loving it!
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    Are Jazz Guys feathering...

    Tom, what cymbals here? Are they long gone? :) Great playing and the pang at the end was a nice.
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    Are Jazz Guys feathering...

    ///A.T. fan here and had never seen this. Thanks much!