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    What was that brief 2013 Vinnie Goes Ludwig About?

    We could always talk about Buddy's quick turn-around from Vox.
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    Drum solo

    Very well done and I think you should add it as a regular part of the show. But it would have a bit more impact if the band wasn't setting up around you. Have them off stage and then come on as you count them in. Just my .02.
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    I don’t understand why Buddy Rich is so special. Explain it please?

    Buddy is incredible here. Guarantee you there was either no rehearsal or they just discussed the tunes beforehand backstage. How many of us could nail those tunes like that with just a cursory rehearsal at best. His memory was Savant-like.
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    Top Fired Drummers

    Buddy Rich; fired because he was not able to play a double stoke roll. Pretty sure I read that somewhere. :)
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    Drummer biography books

    Loved this book as well. The author and I are about the same age, played the same kind of joints many of the same tunes. Oh no, here it comes......"couldn't put it down". So much so that I sent him a note telling him so.
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    Buddy Rich Improvising with Just Sticks Awaiting Sammy Davis Jr.

    Sammy and Buddy cut from the same cloth. Peformers first and foremost...an honor be alive to see them.
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    I hate touching cymbals with my bare hands

    Have to say I've learned a lot from this thread and video....after sixty years of playing drums and handling lots of cymbals. My hands have always smelled after handling cymbals but I just assumed it was normal. Like the odor you get when handling change in your pocket. However, it has only...
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    Ringo Starr on the One Thing He Could Never Do as a Drummer

    I'm betting Ringo can't read drum charts.
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    Your own DUH moments in drumming

    Now that's finding the bright side.
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    Your own DUH moments in drumming

    Yep, I've done that at least a couple of times. I've also taken the rubber backed carpet from the front steps of the club. It worked great but the staff/owner was not pleased when they figured out what had happen when the night ended. Hey, I was young/stupid.
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    The New Charlie Watts "My Life As A Rolling Stone" Documentary

    Sorry to take this a bit off topic; but I once tried 20 cymbals at one time...U.S. headquarters of a Turkish cymbal manufacturer and it was one of the most confusing, frustrating things ever. I thought it was going to be cymbal nirvana....just the opposite. The ears and the brain lose track...
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    OT - Bathroom Policy For Strangers

    Totally understand....but it's kind of hard to tell how a drum or cymbal sounds outside in a parking lot. Just saying. Maybe buy a German Shepherd or a side arm? ;)
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    >>>>>>>>Bill Stewart ! >>>>>>

    Like a comet....doesn't happen very often. :)
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    Before I remove them, anyone recognize these signatures

    Pretty sure that's Buddy Rich, Elvin Jones, Joe Morello and Philly Joe. Or...maybe not. :) I agree with Drumtimejohn. Those look like signatures from people who are used to giving autographs. You might want to hang on to those a bit. Any chance you can track down the original owner? If...
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    Help with recording cymbal demos (how to?)

    I don't buy cymbals without a good sound file. Doesn't have to be studio quality....but "good". However, I couldn't care less about seeing the cymbal as it is played...assuming the player is honest and I don't end up receiving something different than what was represented.