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    Buddy...I was listening last night, and BAM!

    Reminds me of a story I read in one of the drum magazines of one night in LA. Buddy and the band are there and all the top LA drummers are in the audience. After the set they all go back stage to say hello and pay their respects to Buddy; Vinnie, Gregg Bissonette and a number of others. As...
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    Happy Birthday Steve Gadd!!

    Steve is 76 today and still killing it. I love you Steve and all the influence you have been to me for fifty years, thanks and God bless you!!
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    Did anyone catch the SNL musical guest last week

    Agree. And smashing a guitar when you can barely lift it to begin's just lame and reminds me of a two year old who is threatening to beat you up unless you take him for ice creme.
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    Chick Corea has passed away

    I believe Mr. Scott Fish is a long time member here. I don't mean to usurp his valuable contributions in any way....but I thought I would post this will all kudos and ownership to Mr. Fish. Can you imagine Chick Corea changing the way Steve Gadd played drums to such a great extent? I used to...
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    Drumming's Biggest Crab Apples: A Top 50 List in Progress

    Thanks for the link, great info.
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    Drumming's Biggest Crab Apples: A Top 50 List in Progress

    That's for sure, never heard a bad word about Gene and when I met him in the 70s he went out of his way to be nice and accommodating. Of course everyone has their bad days, as my wife reminds me. :)
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    Ten Drumming Chameleons Who Can Blend Into Any Style

    Wow...that was killer indeed!!!
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    Ten Drumming Chameleons Who Can Blend Into Any Style

    To be fair, the second paragraph of the article does mention Vinnie. Publishers like "Top 10" lists because it sells and it's a quick read as opposed to Top 50. So Vinnie gets his mention before they even get to the Top he should.
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    Jazz Reading

    Right on with all these books, great reads. And of course Mel Torme's bio of Buddy as well.
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    Hmm, that makes sense. I'm a Jarrett fan but it can really get out of control at times and in my opinion, does ruin the music and the experience. I grunt when I play but if I had recieved all the complaints that Keith has, I would take it to heart. In Keith's case, it seemed to get worse with...
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    OT: Anyone Own a Mini Cooper?

    Thanks much, very interesting and helpful. Love the color, wheels and stripes on your car. But the weiner car must be a bear to parallel park. :)
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    OT: Anyone Own a Mini Cooper?

    Both cars incredible but that Lambo is breathtaking. Unfortunately, I don't have a pilot's license and I sense you'd need one for that. It's insane.
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    OT: Anyone Own a Mini Cooper?

    Guys, I had NO idea I'd hear from so many of you....and thanks. One thing I'll add, I'll be buying (if I do buy one) an automatic transmission. I've had two long term Miatas and I loved driving the stick shift. But this car is just a tad quieter and a bit more refined inside...while still...
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    Poll: Are you a Buddy Rich fan? Yes or No

    Very true. I'm 71 and grew up in NY with very blue collar family. Neither of my parents graduated High School and my Mom worked in a factory and my Dad sold aluminum siding and then finally because a car salesman. My Dad was also a very difficult alcoholic....with the occasional police...
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    Poll: Are you a Buddy Rich fan? Yes or No

    You really nailed it dcrigger. I also know more than a few players in the band and as you said, all of them said that those rants were very rare. Yes they happened but very seldom. Now I don't think Buddy was a sweet heart looking to make friends with everyone on the band....but he did...