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    OT: Anyone in car business here?

    Buicks are considered an elite luxury car in China. They're huge there. Weird.
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    Rediscovered YES 90125

    Loved this album!!! Everything about it was perfect, and yes (no pun intended), it was HUGE. I wore it out on cassette playing along to it.
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    UPS just dropped this off, a 20" 602 Thin crash.
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    Light Thrones

    For those of you using the new Rogers, how much does the base weigh without the seat top? I'm guessing it's heavier than the Yamaha 750 base?
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    Moongels on Remo coated heads...

    I'm wondering if Remo changed their coating, because I (and a few others here) have noticed that Drumdots no longer stick, either.
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    Beefier flat base cymbal stands

    I use the Gibraltar flat base straight cymbal stand with a 24" Paiste 2002 ride and have never had any issues. It's rock solid and hugs in close to the bass drum. If you need to tame your cymbal, you can add felts, or put a piece of gaff tape under it.
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    What Would You Have Missed Out On If You Never Took Up The Drums?

    ^ This! I would be a completely different person without drums -- someone unrecognizable. Drumming has been at my core ever since I can remember. It's a passion that runs so deep, it's difficult to put into words. Drums/Music saved me through so many difficult times. When people let me down, my...
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    The Christmas Production I just tracked for a local church...

    A nice collection of songs and really great, solid playing! Very well done! It's been my experience that there's SO MUCH talent in the churches. Merry Christmas!
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    Merry Christmas to my Forum friends

    Merry Christmas to you all!
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    OT: Selling CDs at shows

    A friend of mine has been selling a bunch of old/NOS blank cassettes on eBay for $50+/pack. I guess people record their vinyl onto them? So check your attics. Lol
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    What do you do when you see the most beautiful drum you've ever seen...

    It's not gonna cause you to starve? Lose your house? Lose your wife? Then buy it, especially if it inspires you to play. You can't put a price on that.
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    No longer receiving emails for Watched forums

    Hi. I have the For Sale forums marked as "watch" and have them set up to receive emails for new thread postings. Lately, I've noticed I'm no longer receiving those emails. Any way to get this corrected? Thank you.
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    the little things that count - drum related purchases

    Sup Nutz for loosening/tightening wingnuts. I don't think they make them anymore, but you can find something similar by Gibraltar and on the side of the Tama multi tool (which I also love). I use the Sup Nutz all the time when I have to play a shared kit at a rehearsal space. People over-tighten...
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    A Man Needs a Gong

    It's a good size. Very manageable to haul around if you gig with it. I found a 26" gong bag to carry it in. And the sound is still big enough that you know it's a gong! Lol. One of the producers I work with sampled it and uses it on albums here and there.
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    A Man Needs a Gong

    Love it, Doug! I gigged with a 26" (that I think I bought from you?) for many years. So fun to play!