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    More recording ?'s What mikes are people using ?

    My recording room is a bonus room over the garage. In normal times I record at a really nice professional studio designed by Wes Lachot, but with COVID, I've been sending my raw home tracks to a producer and am blown away by the sound we're getting. Everything is crisp and clear. Kick: Shure...
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Been listening to Phil Rudd lately and love his 19" 2002s, so I found a good deal on one. Love it!
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    Who Is The Most Famous Person You’ve Met?

    I met Barry when he came to ISU in '93 or '94. My roommates and I were ecstatic and got his autograph. LOL. So we also went to his play at Conklin Dinner Theater. He was super nice and gracious.
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    Who Is The Most Famous Person You’ve Met?

    I lived in Lake Forest in the 90s and saw Bears and Bulls players jogging on my way to work each morning. I worked down the street from the Bears training facility. One day my husband and I went to a matinee movie in Vernon Hills...literally nobody was in the theater at that time of day. The...
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    Show Us Your Rides

    My modest Paiste ride collection. I also have a 20" Giant Beat, but I use it as a crash, so I didn't include it. L-R 20" 2oo2 Heavy ride (dated 1980, fresh from the Paiste vault) 20" 2oo2 ride 22" 2oo2 ride 24" 2oo2 ride 24" Giant Beat
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Just came today... From the Paiste vault, a 1980 20" Paiste 2002 Heavy. They briefly sub-titled these as "Jazz Rock." It sounds great!
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    When would you choose a mahogany vs a maple snare?

    Thanks for your replies! Lots of good info and opinions. I do quite a bit of recording, especially now during COVID. I tend to favor metal snares and have a variety, but my wood snares are all maple: 6.5" Ludwig Classic Maple, 8" Standard Maple, and 5.5" Pearl Masters Custom w/re-rings. These...
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    When would you choose a mahogany vs a maple snare?

    That is the perfect description. :) I almost bought a Swamp Dawg a few months ago. Great drum!
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    When would you choose a mahogany vs a maple snare?

    I find that a maple snare can cover a lot of situations, of course. But I'm curious: Sizes being equal, when would YOU choose to use a mahogany vs a maple snare? A certain genre? A certain song dynamic (a soft ballad or a rocker?)? Do you prefer a mahogany snare and why/why not? Or do you think...
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    Coated Remo Emperors vs Coated Evans G2

    I use coated Vintage Emperors on my Classic Maples, too, tuned higher than you might expect. They open up and have a warmth that I don't find with other brands. Evans feel stiff and sound plastic-y to me.
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    What's your MAIN snare drum at the moment ?

    2008: Ludwig 5" Supra 400 2020: Ludwig 8" Copperphonic, 6.5" Supra 402
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    Test Your Ears!

    I preferred the first 6 hits of the initial "blind" test. That was the DW (Tom 1). The first visual had its audio switched. The last visual at the end is correct.
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    Test Your Ears!

    Yes. You switched the audio on the visual clip. When I saw you strike the DW, but heard the Pearl, my ears perked up right away. Lol
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    Did the crisis bring an end to your band?

    Band 1: One of our members just tested positive for the virus, so we're on hold. Most of our shows were already cancelled or rescheduled anyway, but we're still together. Band 2: Going strong, still playing outdoor gigs and scheduled to go into the studio next month. Band 3: Two members quit...