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    What “Do it all” sizes to go with? Vote!

    This is so personal of a decision. I really don't think you'll get much from polling the DFO. I get that it's fun to talk it out and get opinions, but i say take your time. lull yourself to sleep at night considering the options, and eventually the choice will be obvious. Figuring this stuff...
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    Money spent on drums!

    To me what's "expensive" is the point where I second guess bringing a set to a typical club I play at (excuse me, used to play at). Which is roughly > $1500.
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    Yamaha Crosstown Hardware

    I have the pack and like it. Definitely gig worthy. No spring tension on hi hat is not a problem for me since the tension is right about where I like it anyway. My only negative is the look, which got me TONS of comments on gigs it felt like. Everyone, even guitar players, seemed to notice...
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    INDE BR3 tom mount vs. Ludwig Atlas

    I had a different experience. For me the INDe got maybe 80% of the way to a RIMS mount openness and resonance-wise. Plenty enough for me given the aesthetic and head-changing benefits.
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    INDE BR3 tom mount vs. Ludwig Atlas

    INDe, and it's not really close IMO.
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    Drumming and Cycling

    I used to bike commute until an "encounter" with a city bus gave me an ambulance ride to the ER and scared me off of that. With covid though I started biking again because the roads were so free of traffic (what an incredible few weeks that was in that regard). Now the cars are mostly back but...
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    Why do gretsch late 70’s SSB kits sound so good?

    I'd LOVE to see pics of these heinous bearing edges that are out there. Not that I don't believe they exist, I've just never seen one. I'd also love to see pics of all the eras of Gretsch bearing edges. Good ones I mean. I actually have pics of a 50's and 80's era drums I could dig up to...
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    Why do gretsch late 70’s SSB kits sound so good?

    Sweet spot IMO is early 80's Gretsch with fewer quality issues, same Jasper shells, trad depth drums still available sometimes, and the advent of Techware hardware that actually works pretty well. Says the guy with a sweet set of early 80's Gretsches...
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    Tama Dynasync footboard length

    To me it's incrementally better in speed, power, sensitivity. It's pretty amazing really, since I loved my SC. It almost felt too quick at first until I adjusted to it. And no issues with drive link rubbing on the BD head, no. If I had one complaint it would be that it is for whatever reason...
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    Reverb Taking 5% Now

    Bummer. I remember when people around here were skeptical about Reverb, mostly because it was full of full-price gear from drum shops as it was starting up. Then Reverb grew and was pretty awesome. Then Etsy bought it for $275M last year. Now apparently they've shifted into "increase...
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    Tama Dynasync footboard length

    I made the same jump a while back. It's a solid increment better than the SC IMO, so no regrets. Lightened up my wallet to boot!
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    Getting out of a drum funk

    I'm completely adrift drumming-wise with nothing to play for. Haven't touched sticks in months. It's a shame in a way because this would be a great time to bear down and work through a book or whatever. But maybe I'll come out of this very long break refreshed.... I've even considered selling...
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    SOLD 80's Gretsch Jasper 14x20, 8x10, 8x12, 14x14 - Antique Maple

    mama mia! Nice drums. Maybe it's the light, but those kinda look like regular walnut finish to me.
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    People still selling (and buying) gear?

    With no gigs, no rehearsals, no motivation to play really, I'm thinking of selling off some excess gear. I'm not super excited to add trips to the Fedex store though. And wonder if people are buying much these days and if the market is pretty soft? I've been really checked-out of the drum...