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    Best drummer headphones in 2021?

    Good pair of ear buds (Sennheisers in my case) underneath a set of 3M earmuffs has worked well for me and is cheap to boot.
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    New snare day! Gretsch content inside...

    I guess I was under the impression the lock was for times you needed extra security or something. But I'm sure I'll get used to operating it. A much bigger concern for me would be that it always holds in the 'on' position while locked, which @DamnSingerAlsoDrums reports isn't always the case...
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    New snare day! Gretsch content inside...

    Ah, I see. Thanks for that. Kind of a weird design for anyone needing to throw off the snares once in a while, especially if you need to do it quickly. You have to get your hand on the lever like any other throw but also depress a tiny button on the lever at the same time. I use snares on...
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    New snare day! Gretsch content inside...

    So the intention was that you have to lock it using the button every time? I was under the impression that using the lock button was optional, for when you really wanted to know it was securely 'on.'
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    New snare day! Gretsch content inside...

    I've had a chance to play on it at home a couple times now. The first time was getting acquainted, and adjusting to how different it is from my Yamaha RC aluminum 6.5" which has been my #1 for years. It's such a different drum obviously. But my second go with it today I'm starting to see what...
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    New snare day! Gretsch content inside...

    Got it off Reverb actually. Took a while for one to come up. Like a few months. Although I missed out on one or two.
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    New snare day! Gretsch content inside...

    New snare day! A Gretsch G4160B, which is the bronze version of the 4160. Not the super pricey phosphor bronze model, the 1-mm shell one. Got it used. I'm excited! I haven't treated myself to a new snare in 2-3 years. I've only been able to tap on it a bit since it's still early but will...
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    New kit day! Ludwig Classic Maple Mod Orange

    The bass drum was the star of the CMs I had. It was a 14x24" and was a MONSTER.
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    Practice pads

    I have 3-4 pads and use the Reflexx exclusively at this point. It's quiet and the feel is nicer than any of my others. I'd be curious to hear others opinions on this but I'd say the deader side of the Reflexx is roughly like playing a floor tom or maybe even a loosely-tuned floor tom. The...
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    Speed Cobra Beater

    I eventually swapped the rubber beater out on my Speed Cobra for a Tama Cobra felt beater. I can't even remember why exactly-- the rubber one wasn't sticking to the head for me. I do remember that the rubber one sounded better on one of my bass drums (Yamaha) and the felt better on another...
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    OT: Cell phones - iphone vs. Android

    I was iPhone for years but switched to a Google Pixel in 2018(?) and now have a Pixel 5. I like its day-to-day use better, plus I have a Chromebook for work and personal use and it ties in well with that. The biggest downside is not having iMessage and turning my friend's bubbles from blue to...
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    Backline Inspired Purchases?

    The backlined gear I've played has always been on multi-band bills where you bring your own cymbals and snare, so I'd have to have been pretty inspired to buy a whole drum set. And no, I haven't. From pretty much every backline situation I've come away reminded that I like my own drums the best.
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    Natural Talent / Lessons / Desire …..

    So many people (non-musicians mostly?) think it's primarily natural talent and I did too when I was younger. Prodigies aside, when I see an amazing musician I see the result of a titanic amount of work.
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    The Doors And Their Many Different Rhythms

    Yeah for most people the Doors are pretty much just Jim Morrison, his lyrics, and Ray Manzarek's organ. I can sort of see how they aren't regarded as highly given all that. But yeah Densmore's stuff is cool and Robby Krieger is my favorite part of the Doors.
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    I kinda got schooled today

    Such a cool story @Tornado! And such a rare situation to be in. Kudos to you for rolling with it and not taking anything personally. I've got a new thing coming up that surely won't be anything like this, but I'm going to use this story as a timely reminder to try and be as open as possible...