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    EBAY/CL/STUPID DOTD and other sites DEAL ALERTS for modern drums!

    Sonor SQ2 - Beech - White Sparkle. Aside from a hoop nick it looks flawless. Looks like seller will strike a deal between $3K - 3,600. I already have a white beech Ascent in these same sizes already or would be awfully tempted...
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    OT Patriots Cut Cam Newton.

    Lack of vaxx could end up being a bit of a hinderance to him being signed elsewhere. I believe the rule is now that if an outbreak forces you to cancel a game -- the team with outbreak forfeits. There is a greater risk involved in having unvaxxed players on your team who pose a greater...
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    The Stones To Roll On

    I am with @dcrigger - I don't get any of the sanctimonious hand wringing and pearl clutching. As iconic as Charlie was, the incredible vast majority of tickets sold - the entirety of a football stadium no less - are bought to see Mick and Keith play the hits. Charlie was revered and appreciated...
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    RIP Charlie Watts

    Ouch – lost another one of our drumming icons. I always liked this candid photo of Charlie and Neil Peart meeting for the first time. They could not have been more different stylistically, but you can see the drummer fraternity mutual admiration and Neil's pure fanboy joy. Charlie was revered by...
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    1st live show in 18 months - Tower of Power - "Soul Vaccination"

    He He has the closed hi-hat set in place of the second tom. Like many of us -- the older we get -- the setup shrinks and that ride cymbal seems to get lower and closer.
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    1st live show in 18 months - Tower of Power - "Soul Vaccination"

    Yes - smaller set-up than in the past.
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    1st live show in 18 months - Tower of Power - "Soul Vaccination"

    Maryland. VB posted tour dates - check them out if they are in your neck of the woods!
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    1st live show in 18 months - Tower of Power - "Soul Vaccination"

    Never fail to disappoint. Garibaldi is in my all-time top 5 - just a greasy, funky, ghost notin', synchopatin', bad mofo. Mask and vaxx requirements made for a half filled room -- which was fine by me. Very intimate show. I believe they said it was only their 4th show after being off for the...
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    Setup - Ease and Tricks?

    I don't gig regularly anymore - but by the time I stopped in my 40s -- I had it down to a science. My profile pic was my last regular gig kit. 20/12/14 + 14 snare --Gretsch USA Custom. 20" in Beato Bass Drum Bag (which has an exterior pocket that can hold a full set of extra heads)...
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    "Ah Leah!" Donnie Iris

    Ooh Ooh – I speak Pittsburgh-ese “I was takin’ a shawer at da haus but da’ pawer went out. Time I got dun in da dark, ran to da Giant Iggle an got a sixer of Arn City to split wit Stush on da way dahntawn to see Dahnnee Aris playin’ at Dawnzees in da Strip.” <an actual conversation I was...
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    OT - Rolling Stones Re-Start Stadium Tour -- September

    Musicians play live and almost universally love performing - it is their vocation and passion. I was on a business trip in Alabama a few years ago, and REO Speedwagon was playing in the hotel ballroom that night. This was a band that sold-out arenas. As Cronin said from the stage -- "What the...
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    .....Talkin' about Dave Alvin

    His duo album with Jimmy GIlmore -- "Downey to Lubbock" -- is absolutely terrific.
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    Beech Drums

    Sonor Ascent -- I restored this beauty over the pandemic. German beech shells - 9 ply - 9mm on toms and snare, 7 -plys 6.5mm on bass, 45 degree bearing edges. Taiwan assembly. 20/10/12/14/16 with matching 14 snare. These drums are surprisingly hard to find - but a tremendous value if you do...
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    Eulogizing Drumming's Most Unwelcome Fad -- Hexagonal Pads

    I had the SDS-1 single pad that came with an E-PROM chip. It was around $300 as I recall and all I could afford during my teen years. You could do a pitch descend to make it sound like you were doing a a run down a rack of toms. It was quite a nifty little device, and it just looked cool to...
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    Rudy's Drum Shop (WA) Closing..

    Tough to hear about this. I stopped into Donn Bennett's on nearly every trip to Seattle (frequent). I never left empty handed, even if it was just a few pairs of sticks. It was a great place to hang and always really great gear (along with the museum on the top shelf which included kits from...