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    Two toms mounted on bass drum

    Broke out the beater kit to have some fun with a 3 up setup (I’m a 1 up guy 99% of the time) and this highly angled ride placement. Obviously no crashing this ride, so I put up my 22 inch power ride. I think this cymbal is meant to be played this way, almost no wash but very clear stick...
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    ummm yeah, I don't think so, Bro...

    I think there is a minimum length for a YouTube video to be monetized. That's probably why we see a lot of videos that seem to take a bit to get to the point or perhaps stretch the content out a bit.
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    Rock Drummers who actually used Rolls

    Yes! John's drumming is always perfect. Love the dry sounds on Illiterature by Adam Schmitt, which were kind of a departure for the usual big sounds on TK's records (love those too). I got to know TK over the years and helped him a bit with some of his shows here in MPLS. One of my favorite...
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    Neil Peart's "Artstar" kit

    Anybody who is citing one of his books is almost certainly a fan of the man and knows that he is dead, the snarky way you said it was indeed jerky.
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    Neil Peart's "Artstar" kit

    I think if Gretsch had ever given him the time of day, he would have endorsed them.
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    Neil Peart's "Artstar" kit

    Just read in Neil’s last book Far and Wide ... he had restored an old set of Haymans he found in storage at Le Studio and used them on some demos. Liked the sound so much he asked Tama to build him some thinner shelled drums that would replicate the sound of those Haymans and that was how the...
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    OT: Bourbon drinkers? Favorite Bourbon...

    Scroll up, I posted Old Crow earlier in this thread.
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    Two toms mounted on bass drum

    My first vintage drum score was a Slingerland Buddy Rich outfit with the two 16s. I couldn’t figure out why two floor toms of the same size and why Buddy’s signature kit had two floor toms when he was always playing one up and one down in all the videos I had seen. Then I saw the photos with...
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    Two toms mounted on bass drum

    Buddy Rich style
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    Two toms mounted on bass drum

    ... does not appeal to me. I don't know if we've discussed this before or if I am the only one who has this particular quirk, but I don't like two toms on the bass drum. Like many of us, that's the way I started out on my first 5 piece kit, but I just don't dig the look or playing that...
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    Downsizing for a while

    I have played a basic 4 piece, occasionally 5 (one up, two down) for most gigs for years and years. But in my practice spaces and especially at home now, I’ve been experimenting with different and bigger setups. Why not if you can? Playing different drums brings out different things in my...
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    Wait, what? Greg Bissonette Was On "Friends" with Rachel, Chandler, etc?

    I remember Dennis Leary doing a bit about the show Friends that went something like this: "Friends" ... don't have them, don't need them and I sure as hell don't want to watch them.
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    JoJo Mayer - Shredding it on a "State of the Art" set up

    I think his playing sounds great but I don't love the sound of those drums and yes, I think he could sound even better with newer heads.