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    Live From My Drum Room With Liberty DeVitto!

    I did get to see him once with Billy in the mid 80's. He hit so hard he ended up with a crash cymbal in his lap... I think he broke the top of the stand right off, but I was lucky to have any seat so I was stuck up in the nosebleeds and couldn't see it. He's one of the guys who made me want...
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    Paul Francis left Zildjian?

    That Drum History podcast with Paul was really cool. He totally sounded like a guy with so much passion for the company that he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Can’t imagine leaving was his choice, just a short time later. I see John has Gillette on his resume. That’s the company famous for...
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    Why do US sellers NOT want to ship to Canada?????????????

    Not really. Usually that’s probably the case but as an individual eBay seller, I’ve bought a pile of stuff from one person and sold some of it piece by piece. Camera stuff mainly, when I was doing that - I got a couple of nice lenses basically for free. I tried US and Canada sales until I had...
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    Why do US sellers NOT want to ship to Canada?????????????

    Has it really been underrepresented, or is it just not a factor? I can only answer for myself but I have a sibling and several friends who live in Canada. I’ve been there a handful of times,and whether in the middle of Toronto or out in an rural area, have come across lots of nice, helpful...
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    OT: My Haleakala climb on my bike story got published

    Wow, that’s quite an accomplishment! I’ve got a Logic but it doesn’t climb for crap. :happy3:
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    Don’t like your haircut? We’ll sell your hair back to you. Well, just wait 30 days... :p
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    Bassist Branching Out to Drums

    Welcome, I’m another bassist that bought a Tama kit recently. I was originally a drummer in high school, so I guess it was just a 30-something year break...:/ I’m debating private lessons (again) before long, but a book and some YouTube videos have been a good start back at it. Check out the...
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    Drum History Podcast: The History of Bosphorus Cymbals.

    Those were the numbers I thought I heard. 10,000/yr is a little optimistic but that’s based on a US work week (I’m very thankful for that) and they’re just round numbers. But I thought the “biggest” company at 2.5 million per year was interesting. If that’s even close to true, then with Paiste...
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    OT: At some point you have to cut the toxicity out! Not a political rant, a personal one.

    I see what you did there... Yeah, agreed. Toxic people are tough to have in your life. Love your neighbor, but some people need to be loved from a distance.
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    Thinking about starting Trumpet

    I played when I was in middle school. My first choice was drums but my parents said no, so I probably chose the next loudest instrument... I got back into drumming last summer after a 30 year break, and thought about trying trumpet again instead. There is a Yamaha Silent Brass practice system...
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    Online Tama product lines listing?

    Tama has a bunch of their old catalogs on their website. Years and decades of vintage Tama goodness:
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    Sakae hi hat stand from DCP - am I wrong?

    In my experience, an email is fine especially with pictures, but if that doesn’t get the point across, a phone call and a conversation with a person who can make decisions goes a long way. I’ve never been to their shop in person, but it’s a small business with a working owner, selling to a...
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    Why do US sellers NOT want to ship to Canada?????????????

    Perspective from an occasional seller just trying to get rid of stuff I don’t use... I’d rather potentially wait longer to sell it or get a bid or two less by keeping it to US only. Years ago I tried it and got all of the ‘gift arguments’ and the paperwork was a hassle. Not worth it to me, sorry...
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    Want to strip lacquer on Tom then stain to match my set. What is the process?

    I did something very similar with a Tama Starclassic Performer in Violet. I bought a 10" in an orange finish and spent a lot of hours trying to get a good match. This was my first time working with dyes and lacquer, and it looks like it. It's not horrible but not a good match. Once I knew it...
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    Somewhat OT: Brian Henneman (Bottle Rockets singer) Retires

    Mark was a great part of their sound. Great band and I only got to see them once. It was a small show at a forest preserve education center. I think the guy above my post was at that show...;)