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    "Turn Me Loose" Loverboy

    Guilty as charged, yeah a good show. Did aThe Hooters open for them? David Uosikkien has an good podcast going these days. And, thanks for the earworm. ;)
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    Tips from those who have taken up bass?

    Great advice here and the other replies too. The neck isn’t a baseball bat and the thumb should usually be behind it - you’ll be able to reach farther on the neck this way as well. For the other hand, I do move my thumb to the E or sometimes A string unless it’s just a note or two. The main...
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    How to Stain and Finish a Wood Snare Drum Shell and Rehab its Hardware - 17 Easy to Understand Steps

    Nicely done! I'm impressed that you were able to sand yours down in one hour, if I got that right. I'm working on a 10" tom and it felt like daaaaayyys....!
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    How many cymbals do you really need?

    Just one more? I’m just getting back into it from a long break so I’ve got a ways to go.
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    Removing Pearl Session series vents

    Hey neighbor, we make runs across the border for Spotted Cow...! Do you have much experience with dye? I’m a noob with it, could you check out my thread on finish matching? Interested to see what you do with your kit.
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    Finish Matching

    Well, after six tries with dye, I’m getting closer. This is with two coats of shellac. Looks closer in person, but different here versus old fluorescent in the basement and different yet again with regular warm white bulbs. So maybe it’s like getting a gray car partially repainted, under some...
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    SKF: RIP Neil Peart, Traveling Invisible Highways

    It was such a shock to me - like everyone - but Neil didn't want everyone to know. So, it's great that word didn't get out and he could live his remaining time with those details private as he chose. January 10th is my anniversary. We didn't go out because I was just getting over a really...
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    Finish Matching

    That’s a very good match, I know of StewMac and they have lots of cool stuff, but didn’t think about them here. I’m going to try my dye sampler kit on some scraps of birch ply since I already have it. But I’m thinking this might be the winner. Thanks!
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    Finish Matching

    Interesting stuff! Their purple is a lot *more* purple than I want, but maybe a coat or two of red first? Good to know about it.
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    How many of you all play bass?

    I've been a bass player for a lot of years. First 'real' bass was a 70's Jazz that I wish I would have kept, but then 25+ basses later, the only one I kept when I sold a bunch off was a parts Jazz bass that came out surprisingly good. Yeah, the Squiers are a great deal - just make sure...
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    Finish Matching

    Good advice, I'll check around for one here. I got all the finish off down to what I thought was bare wood, then gave it one more sanding with 120 - but the dust wasn't wood, I think it's another layer of finish. Furniture refinishers have probably run into all kinds of stuff.
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    Update! I need to buy a combo amp. for my new bass!

    Ampeg BA is a solid choice, but 20w and 1x8" isn't going to do much. Gallen-Krueger is another one, and probably some of my favorite to move (they're surprisingly light for the sound). I've had three of theirs over the years, and one shut down on me one night but generally they're workhorses...
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    Interstate Music to launch this Sunday 11/22/20

    I worked for them when it was Cascio in the 80's. It was the place to go and they had some really cool stuff. The times, they are 'a changin'...
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    Poll: Would you?

    I’ve spent more years as a bass player and have kept my eyes out for a couple I’ve let go. Honestly not sure if I’d buy them, but the “first” I’d probably do. If it doesn’t mean you go without eating, then why not? How many chances do you get?
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    Finish Matching

    Any advice on how I'd refinish to match the purple? This is a '99 or so Tama Starclassic Performer, and I picked up the 10" orange tom to give it a shot. Not a lot of Violet finish out there to choose from... I thought I'd try to sand the old finish off first and it went through pretty...