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    Post your Rarest Snare!!

    loving this thread ! :notworthy: my 'Rarest' snare is probably this one. late 50's Olympic "deluxe" 8 lug in WMP. not many of these around afaik.
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    Vintage Premier Pics Anyone ?

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    Vintage Premier Pics Anyone ?

    just a couple of my kits & snares i've owned over the years Concert tom 'Soundwave', XPK and 3 snares: COB Hi Fi, brush finish Hi Fi, Super Olympic
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    Ludwig DownBeat

    thought this may arouse some interest, going great guns already ! :shock:
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    where to find Premier BD decals?

    Glenn Grey (northern Ireland) on FaceFarce. luvlyboyglenn on ebay. he won't disappoint !!/glenn.gray.378
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    SITMS - Drum porn spotted

    never seen one of these beauties before, so imagine my surprise when i look behind me and spot this! :notworthy: not only did he have this, his wife had a stunning purple swirly Slingerland SITMS "stick it to MS" is a huge fund raising effort , which raised much needed cash for...
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    rose morris drumset

    i had a Rose Morris Shell pack, sold it for very good money to a Scandanavian percussion museum. i'd grab those, being rare and in good condition
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    more Leicester loveliness!

    thrilled to bits with this. (collected yesterday) late 50's WMP Oly with 'deluxe' snare drum. incredible condition all round, double flanged hoops & a joy to look at. I will spend a bit of time cleaing them up and giving the chrome a polish, whilst looking for a pair or clip on spurs...
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    premiere super olympic

    attn mr noisintheloft......... its PREMIER not premiere anyway, the Super Olympic was a shortlived run between 76/77. I have a 'super' snare drum, 10 lug (bottom of photo) with a lovely blue P badge. you dont see many of the full kits about, i would have one in an instant if the...
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    Interesting Slingerland (ebay UK)

    yes , i was referring to the snare really, not so much the rest.
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    Interesting Slingerland (ebay UK)

    never seen anything like this before. any info/time line ?
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    Do you gig your vintage drums??

    I do B) early 70's Olympic. 20/14/12 Grey silk pearl. lovely condition, c/w early Fullerton Rogers Super Ten. :notworthy: 3 weeks ago at my 50th birthday party
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    Older PREMIER kit ID?

    yep, 75th anniv APK
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    1950's Premier Gold Sparkle

    The snare drum is most likely Brass. had a couple of those myself. lovely!
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    1950's Premier Gold Sparkle

    I'd give my right nut for the tom & cymbal holders :blink: