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    Star Drummer Accused of Embezzling $750,000 from Homeless Children

    You're correct. Murat was just saying his first impression (from the headline) was that he played Tama Star drums. :)
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    Cruise Ship Drumming

    I knew a [really good] drummer in college that dd this. We weren't close friends, so I didn't get all the details, but the takeaway was he hated it and said the pay was not enough to keep doing it. Last I heard he was playing in LV at one of the Cirque du Soleil shows ("O" I think), but that was...
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    Star Drummer Accused of Embezzling $750,000 from Homeless Children

    "Star drummer" as in Tama Star Drums. :happy11:
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    Star Drummer Accused of Embezzling $750,000 from Homeless Children

    He gave the money to Tupac for living expenses. Because the cost of living when 'allegedly' dead is expensive.
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    Direct Drive Pedals; good, bad, ugly?

    Same for me. I grew up playing Speed Kings and Ghosts in school, so direct drives have always been my go to, but I do have a Yamaha strap from the '80s that's just as good.
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    Buddy Rich on Seinfeld

    See my signature.
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    Mayer Brothers Snare *Price Lowered Again*

    Bump for lower price.
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    Dunnett Ti Snare *Price Lowered - Again*

    Bump for price lowered again before it gets shipped to Repete.
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    Sabian Cymbal Refresh

    I had no idea Sabian did this type of service. I have an old HH China that I sent to another cymbal smith to take some weight off. Although the end result was good, I would have rather have sent it back to Sabian.
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    SOLD - Ludwig Supraphonic with Twin Channel Hoops *Price Lowered*

    Maddog - I'll send you a PM.
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    New Jojo Perfect Balance Standard Pedal

    Diego - Any idea when you'll get them in?
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    Snare drum coffee mugs!

    That's a lawsuit waiting to happen.
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    Power toms!!!

    I'm not a fan of power toms because of the set-up, but every time I play-out my old power-size Yamaha Stage Series I get complements. I think they're a great set to play live, especially not miked, except the bass and maybe one overhead.