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    What percentage of the time do we need more than a 4-piece kit to play music?

    I’m late on this but truly for me it depends on who is moving the drums !! Lol if I’m schlepping in to a gig it’s usually a 4 piece and my lightest drums Ludwig 3 ply. For many years I used 3-4 racks 2 floors love it !! But when I’m playing time they are not needed and using fewer drums does...
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    What is the Best Sounding Steel Snare

    Dunnett stainless is the best I’ve heard but for the money the mapex tomahawk is awesome !!
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    I have Gone Full Circle on Bass Drum Pedals. Here's my Truth

    I recently have switched back to the 810 model pearl pedal. I purchased 2 of them. A late 70's model and the later squared footboard one. They both have the swivomatic style spring. After 30 years of using another pedal and never feeling right on them Im astonished at the difference. There are...
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    Zildjian 14" Quick Beat Hi-Hats - SOLD

    Money sent for quick beats
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    Poll: Keystone or Blue/Olive badge?

    I like all Ludwig drums with the exception of the modular tom mount era. But even modular drums sound great if you lose the modular mounts. In my studio I use a 1969 silver sparkle maple interior kit. Not loud but great tone for recording. I use a late 70's 6 ply kit as well. I usually stuff the...
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    yamaha tour custom or beech custom 20" bass drum

    yes a needle in a haystack. Im looking for a black 20" bass drum from the 80's to go with my shell bank of 80's tour custom drums. piano black. Beech custom used the same lugs. Thanks be safe.
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    Traditional grip or German?

    I find with matched grip the biggest misunderstanding is the balance point. In french its usually thumb and first finger. In overhand or german you can make the balance point between thumb and second finger. Also waiting down and parallel is something many matched players do not seem to care...
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    Traditional grip or German?

    I use traditional when playing brushes. Sweeping in traditional sounds more authentic to me and is easier to do.
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    That one drummer...

    Bernard Purdie.
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    ludwig thermogloss 24" hoop

    ok i forgot about this will post later
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    Superior Drums 2.20 For Sale

    Will this work in pro tool 10?
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    tama silverstar

    hello i have a tama antique birch bop kit 18,12,14 i really want to add more drums to it that match. thanks be safe.