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    Do you really need a Supraphonic?

    No. You don’t need one.
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    Whats the cheapest you've ever snagged an Acrolite?

    I have snagged several for $50. There were a lot of them sold as student kits for years in my area ( central Illinois).
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    If you could sell.....

    In a heart beat.
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    Best Concert You’ve Seen ???

    Frank Zappa, 1987 at the Auditorium Theater in Chicago, the night Sting came out and sang Murder By Numbers with the band....that’s the best one for me.
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    Cover Tunes and original tempo (too slow?)

    I make my cover band practice songs slower than they think sounds good. I have found that while playing, it sounds slower to the player than it actually is. Come on, how many of us have heard a recording of a performance we did and said “Damn! That was fast!”??? A lot of us I bet. Adrenaline...
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    The Least favourite snare you currently own

    The snare that came with my Ludwig Breakbeats kit is my least favorite. It’s fairly useless to me. I’m just keeping it so when I sell the kit it will complete.
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    Who Is The Most Famous Person You’ve Met?

    It was 1993, same time frame and one of the places I saw him. I had him autograph my Brady Kids "Recycled" album at a book signing he did at Eastland Mall. Conklin had a number of celebrities come there for performances at that time...Donny Most, Larry Linville, and a few others.
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    Who Is The Most Famous Person You’ve Met?

    One of my very good friends produced the final Tiny Tim studio album "I Love Me"..... I became good friends with this guy about 2 years after this occurred though. Never got to meet Herbert. I've met a lot of celebrities if you call the 15 seconds in an autograph line "meeting" someone. John...
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    Famous Artist you really do not like

    John Sebastian. Hippy.
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    Quick question.. flat based boom

    I have a DW ultralight boom. It's "ok" for a ride if the cymbal isn't too heavy, positioned correctly, played gently, and in a wind-free environment. Otherwise, it doesn't go high enough. I use it as a straight stand.
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    You're in quarantine with the first famous drummer you saw live - who is it?

    I saw countless local guys and touring Gospel players since before I can remember but my first "concert" of any sort was in 1981 at Joliet Junior College. The band was Chameleon and the drummer was Mr. Charlie Adams. Fun fact, A young Jimmy Chamberlain was also in that crowd of 150 or
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    Your Survival Cymbal Setup

    Most all my playing is done on a 22" Sabian AA "Rock Ride" (ooooh how unsexy is that in a world of thin, washy rides?), a 19'' Paiste Giant Beat thin, and 14" Avedis Zildjians from late 60's/early 70's.
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    Favorite NFL team

    Da Bears!
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    Piccolo Snares In Jazz

    This 1000%.…. And it goes for ANY music genre. There is no specific tool that must be limited to a certain niche. An artist uses whatever they desire, whenever they desire.