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    Would you pay?

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    Power toms ever coming back?

    I have the 10”. I bought that first with the thought initially of rewrapping it to match my Phonics and go 10”,13”,16”…. I didn’t and then the rest of the kit came available so I jumped on them. They have certainly displaced my other kits for the time being.
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    Power toms ever coming back?

    My set up for the last 3 gigs and all the future ones probably. They’re back as far as I’m concerned.
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    OT - What instantly sets you off?

    People that block entry ways, exits, hallways, foyers, etc…..
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    Any Sonor Drummers here?

    Got bit by the Sonor bug a bit just from the back cover of “If You Want Blood You’ve Got It” back in the late 70’s and totally infected in 1984 at a drum clinic outside Chicago. I’ve owned SQ2’s, Sonorlites, Designers,Phonics, Champions, Teardrops ( 3 and 6 ply), F2Ks, F1Ks, Sonic Plus, and...
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    OT - Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip?

    I don’t follow the “either or” philosophy. Both have specific duties. Deviled eggs, potato salad, and BLTs are better with Miracle Whip. Mayo works for all the other applications needing to be slathered in fat…. Unless you have schmaltz. Then use schmaltz.
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    What 1 drum related item of yours ‘epitomizes’ it’s category or intended use.

    Dixson Bass Drum Lift. So simple, so utterly effective.
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    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    My recently acquired Sonor Performers at a recent gig At my new drum room
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    Harold Jones - Amazing Drummer

    Saw him with Tony Bennet in 2019 at the fabulous Rialto in Joliet. He has the greatest touch on his ride cymbals. He had a main, a flat, and a riveted one from what I could tell.
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    Today I did an inventory of my late friend's drum gear for his widow...

    Then you will want to make certain to take care of things so your family doesn’t deal with someone like me when they have to part with items dripping with sentimentality. In a way it’s a point I was trying to make. Perhaps poorly.
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    Today I did an inventory of my late friend's drum gear for his widow...

    I’ve never helped someone in this way but I do often buy the collections of a departed loved one. A couple local music stores that don’t really buy used equipment give my contact information. Most of the time my first meeting is when I hear the great stories about how “dad” loved drums, loved...
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    Are You Playing with Others Again? If so, what type of music?

    Gigs are strong in central Illinois; 3 weeks ago I subbed in a country band, and the last 2 weeks I’ve had jobs with a hard rock cover band. I have a big band job June 11 and again in July and August. The RnB/Soul band I play in has some gigs for Normal,Il Parks & Rec and a handful of outdoor...
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    Finally-Tama Caramel Aurora

    I like that, reminds me of some older congas and bongos I've seen. Vertical patterns always look good on drums IMHO.
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    What is the best sounding aluminum snare regardless of price

    I’m deeply in love with my example. Lively little bugger.