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    Carter on a 20/12/14 Clubdate with a '61 Pioneer snare

    I love the original tuning of the Pioneer! None of my 6-luggers ever sounded that good! Great video! -Mark
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    Drummer autographs

    I finally tracked down my autographed picture of myself and Roy Burns! The first picture is the original, as it appeared in the June 1983 edition of Modern Drummer. The second picture is the autographed version. I called Roy in 2009 asking if he wouldn't mind autographing it for me. Roy...
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    Drummer autographs

    This reminded that I had a drum head autographed by Billy Cobham! It was decades ago at Hanich Music in West Covina, Ca. The store sponsored a drum clinic with Billy and I was able to get his signature. A really nice guy...and not a bad drummer, either!!! I eventually gave the head away to a...
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    Super Sensitive Struggles

    Hi AA! First and foremost, you'll need a Ludwig snare-side head. These WeatherMaster heads ave a shallower collar than your typical Aquarian, Evans and Remo heads. This low collar allows the SS mechanism to fully drop the snare wires. Now, granted, if you NEVER need to lower the wires for any...
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    Drummer autographs

    I was at Disneyland in the late 70's and was able to hear Buddy Rich and his band. During one intermission, I approached Buddy and asked for his autograph. All I had was a dollar bill! Buddy signed it and was very gracious! My other autograph is from Marvin "Smitty" Smith, who happened to be at...
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    Ludwig 60s vs DW

    I did not see that post from the OP. Thanks for pointing it out! I'd still like to see detailed pictures of both, along with the asking prices, to make a more informed decision. -Mark
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    Ludwig 60s vs DW

    I love vintage drums, but in this case I'd go with the DW Jazz set! If both are priced the same, that tells me that the Ludwig's are overpriced. And, as has been mentioned, you need to be fully aware of dealing with all the potential issues with vintage drums. Bottom line is that the DW Jazz set...
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    Who had the best ''Sonor'' Kits?

    Here's my "Music Minus One Drummer" LP! Features Jim Japin with his 60's Sonor kit! I played along with it quite a bit in the early 70's! -Mark
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    Lug Gaskets- Yes or No

    Quite a few of you have already mentioned the thick gaskets on Ludwig snare drums, particularly the Supraphonic. We all know they are there to eliminate tension rod splay due to oversized hoops, not actually to protect the shell! Here's my beautiful 2012 "Brass Edition" Supraphonic. First...
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    I've had lots of Pearl snare drums over the years. Here are pictures of some of them, with many still with me! The Mardi Gras snare drum started life as a Pearl Free Floating shell for a 6.5" drum. The air vent hole is original to 1985! Chris Heuer cut the lower bearing edge and snare beds. The...
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    Pearl Floor Tom Rubber tips do anything?

    The R-40 rubber feet are great! Here they are on my custom painted Pearl set. Just remember that these feet are for 3/8" (9.5mm) legs. -Mark
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    Did anyone ever play in Marching Bands?

    Just found my 1972 Graduation Year Book from Northview High in Covina, CA. Snapped a picture with my iPhone, so it might not be the clearest picture! That's me in the third row on the left! I also dated the Majorette! Good times and good memories of Marching Band! -Mark
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    Shipping whole drumsets

    I've shipped my share of drum sets over the years, many with complete hardware included. It's a lot of work to ensure that the boxed drums will arrive safely. Even then, you just never know how they'll be handled by the shipper. I'm fortunate that none of my drums have ever been damaged in...
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    What type of shell is this Slingerland snare?

    Sorry, but this is a poor excuse for Slingerland Soundking-style snare drum! As already mentioned, it's an inexpensive MIT COS drum, using a thin shell. This is the type of drum I might pay $25 for at a yard sale. This drum is not to be confused with the better quality drums offered during the...
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    Taking an inventory of my gear. 2021 style!

    Dan! You probably had a lot of fun schlepping all your drums out for the photo shoot! Looks great! -Mark