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    A very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at DFO! I just returned home from taking my sister to Palm Springs Airport. I'm going back to bed! Lots of good food awaits! -Mark
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    how do i know if they are Slingerlandhoops

    Here are two slightly different Slingerland 13" hoops. The difference is subtle, but when they are side-by-side, it becomes obvious. Later 70's and 80's hoops have a shorter top inside flange, making the hoops appear taller. When the hoops changed from brass to steel, the steel hoop was...
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    It’s LudVig, you morons! DCP voicemail

    I believe K.O. has a Cricut and might consider making one for fun and posting it! Kevin...sorry to put you on the spot here! -Mark
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    Ludwig Speed King foot pedal $49 shipped

    Here's a better picture showing the missing screw and washer. I believe the screw size is 8-32, but don't recall exactly. As you can see, the hole in the washer is offset to allow it to be positioned "off" and let the heel piece be rotated for use as a solid foot board or hinged. A pretty cool...
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    Rogers Powertone Marcher

    Based on the label, your drum is an early Fullerton model. The label style is identical to that used in Cleveland and Dayton, but with "Fullerton" inserted. Later labels had the border removed and a different font. After that came the cost-cutting "9/72" labels, as the date shows, were used...
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    Brass snare drum poll

    I completely agree with the Slingerland COB Sound King. I've had many over the years and each has been excellent! I still have both a Sound King and a COB Festival, both early 70's drums. What I like about the Festival is that it lends itself to using an Inde throw-off and butt with no extra...
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    Brass snare drum poll

    I currently own Ludwig, Rogers, Slingerland and custom-made drums using Worldmax NOB shells, in a combination of seamed and seamless. Each one sounds excellent to me! I haven't yet cast my vote as it's just too difficult to pick only one! -Mark
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    Rogers Powertone Marcher

    Great score! Rogers produced some really excellent marching percussion. I actually preferred the Powertone percussion drums to the Dynasonic drums! I found this 12x15 Powertone Marching Tenor drum for a really good price and couldn't resist! Honestly didn't know what I was going to do with...
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    Slingerland Catalog 1965 4 piece with small tom on stand

    Here's a "Jet" outfit I had back in 2003. Based on the fact that the floor tom brackets were the push-button design, I believe the set was from around 1965-66. The original Satin Flame wrap was in really bad condition and I had the shells wrapped in a beautiful Light Blue Pearl. I installed a...
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    An Evil Buddy from a Parallel Universe

    OK, I admit it... I am a TREKKIE!!! There, I've said it!! -Mark
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    Slingerland help please

    I only saw it when I clicked on the CL link and viewed the picture at its largest size. Became very apparent. It almost looks like they are early Ludwig brackets. However, the Ludwig brackets use 1-7/8" spacing, while Slingerland uses 2-1/4" spacing. I wonder if there are any extra holes. -Mark
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    Slingerland help please

    For some odd reason, the original Slingerland leg brackets have been swapped out for something else! I wonder why?!! -Mark
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    Sparkle Brite No Longer Made?

    K.O. makes a good point here! Many times, it's just doing the proper search. But, more importantly, it's knowing WHAT to search for! I would have never thought to search "sign making supplies". A big KUDOS to K.O.! -Mark
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    Anyone owns a vintage Pearl kit?

    I had this beautiful 1968 Whitehall 4pc set, which was a stencil set built by Pearl. All the brackets had the "Pearl" logo on them! This was the only year that utilized the Rogers-style mufflers! I sold it on eBay back in 2009. The buyer was Bermuda Schwartz! I had no idea it was Bermuda until...
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    What's on your wish list?

    This one intrigued me, so I had to Google it! Here they are for all to see! -Mark