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    My Ludwig Custom Maple Bop Kit is Morphing

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    Drum Confessions Thread

    In my early drumming days I acquired a nice tambourine with a hyde head. I 'fixed it' by cutting the head out and later ripped the jingles out to make other things. (Please don't tell the Brazilians or the Southern Baptists). I'll listen to ten Mr Tamborine Mans as my penance for this confession.
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    "Fall" jazz ride cymbals

    Nice collection! I go through phases and match to what music I am playing.
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    Sabian Cymbals Discussion

    Sometimes DCP has great prototypes.
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    Edge Cut Out Cymbals

    My cutout cymbal was effected this way. It's counterintuitive that the stick sound gets drier, yet the crash opens up easier.
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    Edge Cut Out Cymbals

    What is this?
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    Edge Cut Out Cymbals

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    Edge Cut Out Cymbals

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    Edge Cut Out Cymbals

    Mel Lewis had a famous A Zildjian ride with a cutout that darkened it. I've seen other drummers such as Antonio Sanchez with rides with cutouts. I have a 17" crash that was given to me that I repaired that has been one of my favorite cymbals for years. The cutout lowered the pitch, improved...
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    Progress As You Age

    Interesting approach! I might think about the sound of something, but I rarely ever mentally practice in that way.
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    Progress As You Age

    I heard an educator say that most growth/skill is acquired before someone's thirties or late thirties. I am curious if anyone has info or personal experience of progress on the instrument as a musician ages. Obviously life/family/interest/careers can distract. Thoughts?
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    I finally found a "bad" Bosphorus cymbal

    I must be better than you at finding the bad ones. :laughing6:
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Alison Krauss & Robert Plant have another album to follow 'Raising Sands' coming out in November. So I have been revisiting 'Raising Sands'. Jay Bellerose has such a cool sound/approach.