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    FS: 22 Sabian Sound Control Ride

    SOLD!!! (to me lol)
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    Ludwig CS Custom Birch 18", 20" (Preferably Tobacco Fade)

    This is a long shot, but my first "real" kit was the Ludwig CS Custom Elite Birch 10/12/14/22. I like it. I can get a nice clean tone (think modern Gadd tom sound). I added a 16" floor tom later, which I sometimes use as a bass conversion as pictured. I know they made 18" floor toms and a 20"...
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    Bos is $215 shipped now.
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    compairison video of my cymbals

    My favorites for me were the Light, Ren, and prototype. Was the 20" K Prototype prototyping a Bill Stewart?
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    Quick shout out to Evans

    I have only had problems with Evans. So many great players use them, so I'm shocked that their products are consistently garbage for me. I had an eq3 kick that busted very quickly (i used a patch and soft beater), an emad kick that the foam ring loudly buzzed shortly after installing, and a g2...
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    66' Keystone Bass & 71' B/O Tom, Speedking

    White Marine Pearl Wrap Ludwigs $600 OBO 1966 Keystone: Bass 22x14 Has spurs and rail consolette and vintage heads (original?). $175 OBO 1971 Blue & Olive: Tom 13x9 Has internal muffler and vintage heads. Appear to be in good condition. See photos. Feel free to request...
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    Ludwigs: 66' Keystone & 71' B/O Advice

    Here's a look at the insides. Kick stamped SEP 19 1966 inside.
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    Ludwigs: 66' Keystone & 71' B/O Advice

    Years ago, my dad grabbed these Ludwigs cheap on craigslist. I really like how they sound/feel/look. According to this guide: 1966 Bass 22x14 1971 Tom 13x9 I am considering selling one/both because: Minimalist tendencies. I know they have...
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    Thanks, JDA! It's a 22" Paiste Masters Dark Crash Ride Prototype that I bought on the forum from fishstix94.
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    Price drop!
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    The 50s A sounded a lil' too good as a pair with my 22" Agop Turk Jazz today. I'm gonna hold on to it for now. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's a random older clip to show the Bosphorus post-sizzlifying. Don't judge my playing lol. I'd...
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    Rhythm Tech (Pete Engelhart Design) Find

    As soon as I published this thread I finally found what this thing is on google. lol
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    Rhythm Tech (Pete Engelhart Design) Find

    I found a Rhythm Tech (Pete Engelhart Design?) in a thrift store. I really like it. It has a lot of variety in color/pitch depending on how it's played. It's like the Frankenstein baby of an agogo bell and a frying pan with extra harmonics. I'm wondering if the two holes are for venting air...
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    Sometimes I Forget: Bill Stewart's Smoothness

    I never forget. lol
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    SLP Constantinople Flat Sold. Bosphorus SW & 50s A still available with prices lowered.