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    10 Classic Rock Songs Powered by Drum Machine -- TP, U2 and Phil Collins

    Queen - Radio Ga Ga written by Roger Taylor the drummer!
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    Question about traditional grip

    I began learning on matched grip, but quickly switched to traditional because I thought it was traditional and "cool", but also a practical concern since doing cross-stick on my e-kit with matched grip tend to tangle the cables with the tip of the stick. Later on I learned to do much more...
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    Favourite lacquer finishes currently

    I've come to like natural maple/birch, black-to-something duco, and anything Gretsch offers (offered). I'm not a big fan of burled/birdseye wood. But I still prefer a good ol' WMP to any lacquer. :)
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    Tuning 13x9 3-ply Ludwig

    It may depend... on my 12" the mount has never been a problem. OTOH, my rail consolette is a rigid more modern design, so it may absorb less of the vibration.
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    The Social Distance Concert Festival

    Well said!
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    The Social Distance Concert Festival

    Human immunity doesn't work that way. This virus will cause cytokine storm, which is a bit like allergy but far more deadly. Will you train your nose with pollen so it doesn't respond to it anymore?
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    The Social Distance Concert Festival

    The last time I saw this thread, that guy in your quotes were the last reply, and I was like, "I don't wanna die!" Glad to see the thread becoming a lot saner since then!
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    "Holds Its Tuning Well"

    Modern lugs have a piece of plastic insert to grab the tension rod and prevent loosening. Not sure if it was devised by Ludwig, Sonor, or someone else. A nice side effect is eliminated spring rattle.
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    Drumsets you'd hate to own that pros use(d)

    I wouldn't bet my money on playing this Roger Taylor special kit:
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    Drumsets you'd hate to own that pros use(d)

    I think the inclusion of double-headed floor toms make for a more balanced kit. Now where's the kit for sale? :love4:
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    Drumsets you'd hate to own that pros use(d)

    Phil Collins' kit'd have worked for me... Flipped mirrorwise. :hello2:
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    Do Not use this material for shipping!

    When I was young there were people selling colored packing peanuts as toy... called Magic Corn IIRC. You dip one in water and press it against another and it will join together. You can build models of houses, people, etc. with them. :icon_lol:
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    Two Boxes of Wine Lands Miami Sound Machine Drummer in Jail

    IIRC The Who used to get arrested in Canada. The Stones used to be tax exiles. Relax.
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    Perception of Sound Between Brands

    Oh, regarding recordings and videos (I've never heard some brands in flesh): Gretsch - more pingy than Ludwig. A bit boxy under high tension. I own an RB snare with the most impressive woody crack, but haven't played any acceptable kit (I don't tend to consider Energies as real Gretsches)...
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    Perception of Sound Between Brands

    To me Ludwig and Slingerland sound "round". Maybe because their edges are round, too. A bit like Ampeg's "Round Sound" but even rounder. I'd liken them to an Acoustic 360 for the bass amp analogy. There's something expansive, more than just a pure fundamental. Premier - slappy. Cuts through real...